Sue Radford shares travel issue as 22 Kids and Counting family set off on 18th trip in 20 months

Sue Radford shares travel issue as 22 Kids and Counting family set off on 18th trip in 20 months

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 27/05/2024

- 15:42

Updated: 27/05/2024

- 15:48

The family have set off to enjoy another holiday abroad

Sue Radford has updated fans as the 22 Kids and Counting stars headed off on their 18th holiday in 20 months.

Radford, 49, has taken Britain's biggest family to France this time as they enjoy a half term escape.

However, the large group faced a few hurdles ahead of their journey across the channel.

Radford took to the family's Instagram account to share the struggles of holidaying with such a large brood.

She explained that the family had made a stop at a McDonald's before showing how long the queue was for the Channel Tunnel.

Along with a snap of the scene, she wrote: "Oh my goodness it's so busy".

Sue Radford

Radford shared updates on her latest trip with the family


The famous family eventually made it to France though, and while the mother-of-22 hasn't shared their location, she confirmed they weren't heading for Disneyland Paris.

"Just over 2 hours left as you can probably tell we are definitely not heading to Disneyland this time as I think most of you thought this was where we were going," she added, posting a photo of a motorway at nighttime.

On Sunday morning, Radford confirmed the family had settled into their new home for the next few days.

Posting another Instagram Story featuring two of her children, she wrote: "Breakfast outside gotta say these coffee cups aren't doing it for me I like a big mug of coffee in the morning."

The update comes just days after the family matriarch, along with husband Noel, 53, had a jokey spat during their last trip, which had turned chaotic.

While on the road in the motorhome they use for holidays, the couple shared a video of Noel explaining an accident he had caused while driving, and the two seemed to clash during the conversation.

"There's a bit of a scratch down the side," he told followers before the Sue cut in: "A bit? I'm fuming!"

"It'll rub out," Noel replied, but Sue wasn't reassured by his confidence.

"Not being funny right, but people say that women drivers are really bad," she stated, appearing in the camera after joining her husband.

Sue Radford

Radford often updates followers about what the family are up to

Radford Family YouTube

"I just don't believe it," she continued, asking: "Because what else did you do to the motorhome?"

As Noel panned the camera back to himself, Sue could be heard fuming: "You need to show them that!"

He eventually explained he'd accidentally "smacked the wing mirrors" on the family's last staycation.

"If that tap had moved like it should’ve done for me it wouldn’t have happened," he argued.

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