Reuben Owen's girlfriend snaps at Channel 5 star over vital machinery mistake: 'Done making fun?!'

Reuben Owen's girlfriend snaps at Channel 5 star over vital machinery mistake: 'Done making fun?!'

Reuben Owen shows off his latest machinery on TikTok

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 06/05/2024

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Reuben Owen and his girlfriend Sarah Dow first met in 2021 and now work alongside one another

Our Yorkshire Farm star Reuben Owen left his girlfriend Sarah Dow in a sticky situation recently which caused her to hit back at the Channel 5 star.

Last week, the second episode of Reuben: Life In The Dales aired and saw the youngster's plans to expand his business by training up his workforce, including 17-year-old Dow.

She was put in the driving seat and trained up so she could operate more of their heavy plant machinery, but her first lesson saw her come unstuck when she was asked to move a full load around a bog.

Every day they spend hours with new pieces of kit and despite not yet having a driving license, Owen wanted Dow to train on the new dumper so she could take the test and become a fully qualified operator.

Explaining a little bit as to why he wanted her to learn, he said: "We'll get you a little bit of practice here and then we can get you on your ticket if you feel your... I have a feeling you will master it.

"Get the hardhat on. Get on the dumper. They feel a lot bigger than they are, just be careful going through the gates. With a dumper like this, it is always down to the driver how full you want the dumper and what you are travelling on.

Reuben: Life in the Dales

Reuben, Sarah and William work together with Reuben's machinery business


"This ground isn't that hard so you don't want a massive heap. When you do your test that will be one they ask. A lot of it is about getting on and off the machine safely, basically, you always want to be in control of the machine.

"If they can see you can do it safely then you are good. Great job, now stay out of that bog."

Wanting to challenge Dow, he urged her to move through around the bog by herself, but navigating a six-tonne dumper around a bog in reverse is a big ask for her very first lesson.

Noticing that she had gotten herself stuck, she quipped: "Oh dear... Oh dear..."

Trying to help, Owen explained: "You'll have to go forward, you have gone far too far up the hill...Oh, you're bogged now. Come forward and go that way. You're stuck now... Put it in neutral, rev it and turn. Now come forward..."

However, she realised she was getting herself in more of a pickle, she said: "I am just going to get it bogged more. It is hard to control..."

"Yeah no... sometimes you have just got to laugh..." Owen quipped as he let out a giggle, before Dow jibed: "Why me... are you done yet? You done making fun of Sarah?"

Owen laughed: "These things happen, to avoid that you would have gone further up the hill."

Reuben Owen and Sarah Dow

Sarah and Reuben got into a tiff during her training


Climbing off of the machine, Dow added: "Well I didn't want to go up the hill in case I threw it over."

Reuben also touched on the hardship he faced when kickstarting his business and explained: "It's been hard for me to start my own business. I've been incredibly skint a lot of times. We have breakdowns now. Cost me five-and-a-bit thousand quid.

"If that had been when I started, that would have been the end of it. It's not a walk in the park and it still isn't a walk in the park, but I love doing it.

"When I was little, we always had to work fairly hard. Dad and Mum... Well, you were always expected to do plenty of work.

"I did all the repairs on the farm, and I kind of think whatever you kind of learn when you're younger stays with you for the rest of your life."

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