Ralf Little shares grim update from Death in Paradise set amid exit rumours - 'Why I don't wanna stay!'

Ralf Little shares Death in Paradise update

Ralf Little shares Death in Paradise update from the set

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 28/07/2023

- 16:06

Updated: 28/07/2023

- 16:43

The Death in Paradise star has been inundated with comments following his latest update

Ralf Little and the rest of the Death in Paradise cast are currently filming new episodes in Guadeloupe.

However, as ever with leading stars of the crime series, rumours about his future continue to circulate.

The series has already seen Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, Ardal O'Hanlon take on the lead role prior to Little and each one has left after a handful of seasons.

After his introduction in the ninth season, Little is now filming his 13th run and while he hasn't confirmed if he'll be leaving beyond the upcoming series, fans have been scouring for clues in his updates from set.

Now, Little has shared his frustration with one of the locations he and the crew are currently filming and even quipped he "doesn't want to stay".

The reasons soon spoke for themselves after Little shared the video of himself on his Instagram.

It became clear a hoard of ants and creepy-crawlies had inhabited the shack where the actor was set to film.

Ralf Little as Neville Parker in Death in Paradise

Ralf Little as Neville Parker in Death in Paradise


"Surprise guests in the shack!" Little captioned the clip. "Would you still want to spend a night here?"

Speaking in the video, Little said to fans: "Just moved a bit of furniture in the shack."

He flicked the camera to the bugs and then back on himself where he remarked: "That's why I don't wanna stay here."

Before long, fans quickly shared their own reactions to the clip and it seems many also wouldn't be too keen on the idea of filming in such conditions.

"Yikes! Noooo!" one fan typed in response while a second echoed: "What the hell," followed by angry and crying emojis.

Meanwhile, another weighed in: "Oh man, I bet there are some serious bugs on that island!"

While a fourth displeased fan commented: "Oh sweet Jesus, no thank you very much. My skin is crawling now."

There were some playful remarks, however, with another fan arguing: "With that view stick up a hammock outside and let them have the shack!"

Fans feared the worse for Little's character Neville Parker earlier this month thanks to another clip he shared from the BBC show's set which showed him behind the bars of a jail cell.

Addressing fans' fears that this could lay the groundwork for Neville's arrest or a subsequent departure, Little explained in a separate update: "I need to clear up a Death in Paradise mystery.

"After I posted a video the other day there was a lot of speculation saying, 'Why is Neville in a cell? Why? Could this be a spoiler?'

"Let me explain..." he added as he scanned the camera across the set. "This is where the cast normally sits.

"We sort of sit here in-between scenes, they've got fans on to try and keep us cool and stop us sweating so makeup doesn't have a terrible time

Death in Paradise Ralf Little

Ralf Little shares an update from the set


"Through here is the police station and through here are the cells. Now, a couple of years ago, I realised that in the cells, it's right next to the station where we actually shoot and it's much cooler and there's a bed.

"Honestly, I don't know what lives in it, but when we're shooting in a police station, this is my little spot," the actor added.

A return date for Death in Paradise is yet to be announced. Season 12 drew to a close on BBC One in February.

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