Phillip Schofield’s younger lover ‘thrown to the wolves’ as affair scandal deepens

Phillip Schofield (left) and Stephanie Takyi (right)

Stephanie Takyi has reacted to Phillip Schofield's handling of the matter

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Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 31/05/2023

- 17:54

The presenter admitted to an 'unwise, but not illegal' affair

Phillip Schofield’s younger lover has been “thrown to the wolves” as the presenter’s affair scandal deepens, a reporter has claimed.

The television presenter left ITV after admitting to an “unwise, but not illegal” affair with a much younger colleague, something he had previously lied about.

The relationship took place while the TV star was still married to wife Stephanie Lowe and before he came out publicly as gay.

Schofield is facing new criticism over his handling of the fallout, with showbiz journalist Stephanie Takyi telling GB News the young runner has been “thrown to the wolves”.

stephanie takyi phillip schofield thrown to w

Speaking to Andrew Pierce and Dawn Neesom, she said: “He was of age, the statement just says it was unwise, which you can clearly see now because clearly this man has now been thrown to the wolves by the media.

“People are now digging further into that relationship and from interview where you’re hearing Eamonn Holmes talking about it, you can tell this man had quite a fragile state of mind with this relationship.

“He had a relationship with a man at the time that was straight and in a marriage.”

The Daily Mail reports the individual was given a financial settlement from ITV, which the broadcaster are said to have refused on numerous occasions to comment on.

Phillip SchofieldPhillip Schofield described affair as "unwise but not illegal"PA / ITV

An insider is said to have told the Mail that a senior figure at ITV is likely to have known about the payment as it required “people of some seniority” to sign off on it.

GB News’ Eamonn Holmes told Dan Wootton in an exclusive interview that the runner was “promoted” in an “unprecedented” move.

Holmes went as far as to say those who “authorised” the move should be investigated.

He added that the young man was “in a bad way” and he looked after him along with his wife, Ruth Langsford.

ITV said in a statement they had previously investigated the matter but to no avail.

A spokesperson said on Saturday: “Further to our statement last night, ITV can confirm that when rumours of a relationship between Phillip Schofield and an employee of ITV first began to circulate in early 2020 ITV investigated.

“Both parties were questioned and both categorically and repeatedly denied the rumours, as did Phillip’s then agency YMU.

“In addition, ITV spoke to a number of people who worked on This Morning and were not provided with, and did not find, any evidence of a relationship beyond hearsay and rumour.

“Phillip’s statement yesterday reveals that he lied to people at ITV, from senior management to fellow presenters, to YMU, to the media and to others over this relationship.”

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