Paloma Faith, 42, fumes 'men need to do more' in fresh rant amid backlash to 'anti-man' BBC appearance

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith has hit back at societal expectations placed upon men and women

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 18/06/2024

- 00:05

Updated: 18/06/2024

- 10:03

The pop singer has continued to demand more from men in society

Paloma Faith has unleashed a fresh rant against men and the expectations placed upon women in today's society.

Earlier this month, Faith, 42, angered a number of BBC Saturday Kitchen viewers with a series of comments deemed "anti-men" when promoting her book, MILF.

Faith prompted some viewers to "switch off" after she said women were being "burnt out" for harbouring the work "of five or six people" while "usually sleeping next to a whale that's snoring".

The singer went on to hit out at praise given to fathers as "irritating", suggested Mother's Day wasn't enough recognition, and made several jibes at host Matt Tebbutt for being a man.

Faith is a single mum-of-two following her 2022 split from French artist Leyman Lahcine, with their break-up providing the basis for her latest tour and album - she admits to urging men "to do more" in between songs while on stage.

In a new interview ahead of her Glastonbury appearance, Faith discussed her opinions on men and women once more, stating: "I don’t believe we [women] can have it all.

BBC Saturday Kitchen: Paloma Faith

BBC Saturday Kitchen: Paloma Faith sparked anger with her comments on the show earlier this month


"I feel a bit disgruntled about society’s expectation on women, because we were given this idea that you could work and have your own money and independence while raising children.

"What we’ve ended up with is far too much responsibility, and I think a lot of women are burning out."

After describing parenting as a "full-time job", she went on to Radio Times: "If you’re also CEO of your own business, like I am, then I’m meant to delegate to my partner, but that’s a full-time job because they’ve not got any initiative. It’s exhausting and you sacrifice something, always.”

She continued by urging men: "It’s about having initiative and adopting what are assumed to be some feminine qualities in the household.

"If you see your partner do the same thing every single day for six years, why don’t you just do it and take it off her hands?

"I’ve had a lot of men walk out of my shows with their wives in tow. And I say, ‘Goodbye – you’re obviously one of the ones I’m talking about'."

Faith's latest remarks echo those she made on Saturday Kitchen, where she was met with angered comments including: "Wtf. Not a book I'll be buying after that diatribe. Sanctimonious doesn't even come close. #saturdaykitchen."

A second also hit out: "God, Paloma Faith is talking some nonsense on Saturday kitchen. Time to switch it off. #saturdaykitchen." (sic)

Paloma Faith was speaking in this week's Radio Times

Paloma Faith was speaking in this week's Radio Times


Faith, whose catalogue includes chart hits such as Only Love Can Hurt Like This and Lullaby, is one of a number of female artists who'll grace the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury later this month.

Performing on Sunday, Faith will perform on the same night as Shania Twain, Janelle Monae, Burna Boy and headliner SZA.

Dua Lipa and Coldplay will headline the Pyramid Stage respectively on Friday and Saturday.

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