Masters of the Air star admits 'I wanted more screen time' as they spill on cut scenes from Apple WWII drama

Masters of the Air star admits 'I wanted more screen time' as they spill on cut scenes from Apple WWII drama

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 16/02/2024

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Episode four of Apple's WWII drama saw the 100th Bomb Group honour Captain Dye

Captain Dye star George Webster has admitted he "obviously wanted more screen time" in the groundbreaking World War II drama after his character returned to the States in episode four.

Webster played Capt. Dye in episodes one, two and four of the series, and while he's heaped praise on his experience while shooting, he couldn't shy away from the fact his time on-screen left the actor wanting.

Apple's WWII drama boasts a star-studded cast alongside Webster, with the likes of Austin Butler, Callum Turner and Barry Keoghan just three big names who more often than not dominate the screen.

Then there's the high-octane and mind-blowing action sequences involving the 100th Bomb Group's B-17 planes - although some fans haven't been too impressed with the CGI used to recreate the historic moments.

Nevertheless, episode four did honour the real Capt. Dye by giving Webster several scenes as his comrades wished him a safe journey home after he'd completed 25 missions.

Actor Webster has since taken to the online forum site Reddit to speak with the show's fanbase and answer any queries about the WWII series they may have.

George Webster as Captain Dye

Masters of the Air: George Webster as Captain Dye in episode four


When asked by one Redditor who'd praised his social media updates and if there were any scenes that he filmed which ended up being cut, Webster spilled all.

"I'm glad somebody appreciates it! Haha," he replied, referring to his Instagram antics.

He then explained: "There was lots of play and discovery on set whilst we were shooting, so you kind of expect that stuff maybe not make it in there.

"And the fact Apple allowed that space for actors to discover and play is highly rare, and highly commendable on a project of this scale. It doesn't happen.

"So, I think the show we've got is the absolute best version. Even though I obviously wanted more screentime!

"I think it's ultimately more important to tell as concise and specific a story as possible given the context."

While he may have played the accomplished Capt. Dye on-screen, Webster also shocked fans with a rather surprising admission about his own relationship with flying.

"I'm s**t-scared of planes. I hate flying," Webster said elsewhere in the Q&A. "So I generally try to avoid anything to do with planes at all. So, I knew next to nothing about the air-war save for our spitfires (I'm British) and the blitz.

Masters of the Air

Masters of the Air: Austin Butler and Callum Turner will be back in episode 5


"The thing that sticks out in my mind, is the phrase '1 in 3 in '43' - meaning, of course, 1 in 3 airmen wouldn't make it in 1943. Those odds shocked me to my core. Those are not good odd.

"'Never tell me the odds!" - this is why.

"I had no idea about this side of the war at all, which made it that much more exciting to learn about. It also added much needed context for the history in my own mind too."

According to IMDb, Webster will no longer appear in the rest of the series, but Apple has teased what's to come in episode five.

Its brief synopsis reads: "Rosie’s next mission signals a significant shift in the 100th’s bombing strategy. Crosby receives a promotion, but it comes with a high price."

Besides Masters of the Air, Webster is also best known for appearing in Hulu series Wedding Season, BBC drama Industry and Paramount+'s The Doll Factory.

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