Louis Walsh opens up on cancer battle during lockdown in candid Celebrity Big Brother chat: ‘Reality check’

Louis Walsh opens up on cancer battle during lockdown in candid Celebrity Big Brother chat: ‘Reality check’

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 15/03/2024

- 22:15

The former X Factor star admitted he still feels "sick" passing a hospital

Celebrity Big Brother returned following a drama-packed episode last night, with the housemates sharing stories of their experiences of lockdown as they moved on from Thursday's rows.

Controversial housemate Louis Walsh ended up sharing a cancer diagnosis he was given during the time, admitting he still feels "sick" passing a hospital.

The housemates were tense tonight as two of them are being evicted during the live show, with those at risk including Walsh, Levi Roots, David Potts, Fern Britton and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

Easing the tensions of yesterday, the famous faces decided to discuss other things. Roots explained how much he had enjoyed lockdown with his family when Walsh made the revelation about the rare form of blood cancer he'd had.

"Did it affect you mentally?” Cülcüloğlu asked, to which the 71-year-old admitted: “It did, I gotta be honest with you.

"It’s just up here, even when I go past a hospital I almost get sick. It’s all gone, I’m fine. It was just the shock of being sick and that word… nobody wants that word.

Louis Walsh

Walsh talked about how he was given a cancer diagnosis during lockdown


“I have it blocked out, a reality check, you see so many people sick and it’s terrible.“

He continued: "In my world it was all about pop music and all that. I didn’t think of anybody getting sick or anything like that."

Sounding emotional, he concluded: “And that was like wow, reality check, you’re in the real world.”

Britton was in also tears early in the show as she talked about being up for eviction following a drama-filled day on Thursday, in which she clashed with Cülcüloğlu.

Fern Britton

Britton became emotional during the episode


Getting tearful, she told Big Brother: “It’s been… I don’t want to cry. It’s been magical.”

Tonight will see a double elimination and following last night’s instalment, the result is bound to spark a reaction.

The celebrities had to give their nominations in front of each other yesterday, and after being voted by several housemates, Cülcüloğlu was far from happy.

Fans accused her of being “narcissistic” and hypocritical as she’d voted for Britton herself.

Louis Walsh

The group talked about their experiences of the pandemic


The reality star accused Britton of not asking enough questions about her, despite the fact Britton was recently scolded by Cülcüloğlu for brining up Love Island.

Explaining her vote, Britton candidly stated: “This is because we are talking about playing the game. I have asked you plenty of questions, but sometimes, well a lot of the time the answer hasn’t’ been… particularly enlightening and you’re right, I don’t know much about you."

Cülcüloğlu also rowed with Marisha Wallace because she'd nominated her. The two shared some emotional words before the former stormed off in tears.

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