BBC Dragons’ Den hopeful deemed ‘evil’ as pitch put viewers 'off the whole programme'

BBC Dragons’ Den hopeful deemed ‘evil’ as pitch put viewers 'off the whole programme'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 15/03/2024

- 20:37

Fans of the show weren't impressed by the device pitched by a private landlord

BBC Dragon’s Den viewers were left “put off” from the show following an “evil” pitch seen in the latest episode of the business programme.

Yesterday’s episode saw private landlord Anthony Cherry pitching a device which would stop tenants from being able to keep the heating on for long periods.

Cherry introduced his TIME:O:STAT invention on the show, where he asked the Dragons for £80,000 to go towards the business venture.

The hopeful entrepreneur explained the device can be controlled by the tenants but that they can’t keep the heating on for more than two hours at a time.

Cherry confirmed users wouldn’t be able to keep the heating on continuously, which sparked outrage from viewers.

He went on to say the device would save landlords “time and money”. Explaining his motivation for the device, he recalled: “It was on a maintenance call where I noticed there was a problem.

Dragons' Den

Dragons' Den viewers fumed over the thermostat pitch​


“It was a hot sunny day and the tenants weren’t home but the heating was on full blast and the windows were wide open. When I spoke to the tenants, they said that the thermostat was too complicated so they left the heating running continuously.

“When I looked at the thermostat, I completely understood what they were trying to say. So, I decided to make something bespoke.”

Cherry proposed a 10 per cent stake for the Dragons if they invested the amount he’d requested in the product. Making their decisions, the Dragons gave some feedback but didn’t seem to have any strong views on the device like fans watching from home did.

Sara Davies deemed the product too complicated, while Deborah Meaden also backed out of the pitch.

Anthony Cherry

Fans deemed the device 'evil'


Stephen Bartlett, who was recently under fire from fans of the show himself, and Peter Jones also couldn’t be convinced because of the tough competition surrounding the product.

However, Touker Suleyman decided to make an offer, asking for 35 per cent of the business which could be changed to 25 per cent if he made his money back. The two eventually came to an agreement.

Meanwhile, viewers were left baffled by the device and quickly took to social media to complain about the “evil” product.

“Absolutely hate that some awful HMO landlord was on #DragonsDen flogging his thermostat that only allows tenants some heating if they press a button (and for not very long). And none of the dragons thought it was s***ty?! Kind of put me off the whole programme,” one admitted.

A second added: “A***hole HMO landlord designs product to lower the temperature if tenant want to keep it on longer than 2 hours. 'Bills included'. #DragonsDen.”

Touker Suleyman

Touker Suleyman decided to invest in the product


“What an evil idea. Can’t keep the heating on through a cold night unless the greedy landlord permits it #dragonsden,” a third shared.

“Really not feeling good about this thermostat invention to be honest. Feels like there’s too much potential for it to be abused by some landlords. #dragonsdenq,” another pointed out.

“Greedometer - keeping tenants cold and landlords rich!… #dragonsden,” someone else chimed.

“It’s a greed thermostat - the greedier the landlord, the lower the temperature… #dragonsden,” a sixth echoed.

Not everyone was of the same view though, with one viewer sharing: "#dragonsden #thermostat what a great idea in the main, stop irresponsible from needless energy wastage. Responsible ones will also find it easier to use."

The show recently sparked a "fakery" row after business owner Giselle Boxer claimed Dragons' Den bosses at the BBC "recruited" her to appear on the show following days of fury over her pitch.

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