Ekin-Su Culculoglu faces calls to be removed after ‘toxic’ ITV CBB nominations: ‘Crocodile tears!'

Ekin-Su Culculoglu faces calls to be removed after ‘toxic’ ITV CBB nominations: ‘Crocodile tears!'

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 15/03/2024

- 08:22

Ekin-Su Culculoglu received four nominations from her fellow housemates and will face the pubic vote

Celebrity Big Brother fans were left furious with former Love Island star Ekin-Su Culculogu last night, branding her “fake” after the brutal nominations - just hours after they slammed her for "game playing" with Nikita Kuzmin

The housemates were tasked with face-to-face nominations last night which ended with some tears and home truths being spilled.

However, it was Culculoglu who was at the centre of the drama after she broke down and claimed her housemates had backstabbed her – despite turning on Louis Walsh and Fern Britton herself.

Giving her nominations, Culculoglu explained: “Louis is a bit lazy and I prefer someone who is a team player, and I would like him to be more practical with the housework in the home. That’s why I want to nominate Louis.

“The second person I nominate is Fern. The reason why I nominate Fern is because I just haven’t had that deep, deep, conversation. I feel like Fern hasn’t asked me any personal questions about my life and that’s made me feel like maybe, she’s not interested in me as a housemate.”

Heartstopper actor Bradley Riches was the first to nominate Culculoglu and claimed that he hadn’t had any meaningful conversations with her.

Ekin-Su Culculogu

Ekin-Su was slammed by viewers for being "fake" and producing "crocodile tears"


Britton was next to vote for the 29-year-old and said: “This is because we are talking about playing the game. I have asked you plenty of questions, but sometimes, well a lot of the time the answer hasn’t’ been… particularly enlightening and you’re right, I don’t know much about you.

“So I don’t get you, you don’t get me, that’s fine. That is the way it is. I sometimes think you are wearing a mask and I think that you might absorb a lot of people's personalities very quickly.

“And you’re good at judging situations. It’s mean, but I feel the danger, and I feel that I don’t know the real you and that, that has disappointed me and disturbed me.”

Marisha Wallace had a hard time giving her reasons and noted that she was only voting for Culculoglu because she knew she wouldn’t win if they made it to the final together.

Marisha Wallace and Ekin-Su Culculogou

Marisha attempted to apologise but Ekin-Su was furious


This infuriated Culculoglu who clapped back: “That’s not a reason. I knew this was gonna happen. Just judging me cos I went on a f***ing show before. You’ve been close with me this whole time so you’ve been fake to me this whole time.”

Zeze Millz was the final housemate to nominate Culculoglu and simply stated that she found it weird that she was the one “enabling” Walsh’s laziness but not nominated him because of it.

As the nominations came to an end, Wallace attempted to make up with Culculoglu but she refused and ended up breaking down crying to Walsh.

Viewers were quick to claim Culculoglu’s reaction was “fake” and flocked to their X accounts to slam the Love Island star.

Ekin-Su Culculoglu

Ekin-Su was left furious after the nominations


One noted: “I’m fully aware of the #BeKind quote and I’m sure Ekin-su is lovely irl but…Ekin-Su is coming across horrible, nasty and fake as anything.

“She’s such an actress, especially with last night’s episode and the crocodile tears and fake crying need to stop.”

Another penned: “Ekin Su is being SO unreasonable. She’s legit besties with Louis and she nominated him but has the nerve to come at Marisha so hard for being honest lol get over it.”

“LOL Ekin-Su kicking off about Marisha nominating her when they’ve been so close, needing a moment and she’d done the same thing to Louis. You can’t make this up. Is this chick for real,” a third commented.

One viewer fumed.” She went on a show, people paid money and voted for her to win the show but now it’s so offensive to even mention it? She knew exactly what she signed up for and it’s kinda of a kick in the face to everyone who voted her as the winner and all the other contestants.”

“Ekin-Su giving a performance worth of The Razzies with that crying. I actually want Marisha or Fern to win now out of pure spite to show Ekin that she doesn't have a crown to give anyone. No one is voting for Ekin to win and the rose-tinted glasses are now off,” another annoyed watcher penned.

“Is this seriously the Ekin Su everyone raved about on Love Island?” one asked, before a sixth simply stated: “She is a toxic and narcissistic woman.” (sic)

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