'Won't do ITV share price any good!' Nigel Farage blasts ITV after I’m a Celeb ‘stitch-up’

'Won't do ITV share price any good!' Nigel Farage blasts ITV after I’m a Celeb ‘stitch-up’

Farage hits out at Lygo

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 11/12/2023

- 19:18

Updated: 12/12/2023

- 07:35

Nigel Farage has accused ITV of “unpleasantries” after his I’m a Celeb experience.

The GB News star came third, proving the naysayers wrong in the process.

Farage emerged from the jungle to realise the extent of "stitch-ups" from ITV staff, along with "pathetic" comments from boss Kevin Lygo.

While Farage had no qualms about his treatment from I’m a Celeb production staff, he took issue with the broadcaster as a whole.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage hit out at Kevin Lygo


Pointing the finger at ITV boss Kevin Lygo, the former Brexit Party leader suggested the company could follow a similar path to NatWest.

The bank sparked the wrath of Farage in a debanking row that saw him lose his Coutts account, a back and forth that resulted in CEO Dame Alison Rose losing her position.


Nigel FarageNigel Farage has emerged from the jungle a winner no matter the result ITV/SHUTTERSTOCK

“It seems whilst I was in the Jungle, one or two people at the top of ITV were doing their best to make things unpleasant for me”, he said.

“What I will say to Kevin Lygo, the boss of ITV, it’s up to you mate. If you want to go to war with me, you really can.

“The last person to do that was Dame Alison West, from NatWest bank, and look what happened to her.

“So I would suggest, Mr Lygo, that I am prepared to ignore your rude, one-handed gestures, the rude pathetic attempts from your staff to stitch me up.

FarageFarage finished third in this year's I'm A CelebITV/SHUTTERSTOCK

“I am prepared to forget all of this if we can call a truce. If you really want to go to war with me, I don’t think it would do ITV share prices a lot of good.

“Let’s end the nonsense, and let’s do it now.”

The GB News star came through a series of challenges consisting of more than just wading through creepy crawlies to take 3rd place in this year’s series.

Farage also had to contend with a camp full of stars, with some not taking kindly to his political beliefs.

While Fred Sirieix and Nella Rose were among those to take him to task, Farage said the discussions were amicable and were carried out in a dignified manner.

“I was the odd man out, I came from the world of politics and current affairs”, he said.

“Despite there being people there who disagreed with me strongly on Brexit or didn’t think wide scale illegal immigration was a problem, I did manage to have civilised conversations.

“The whole thing was the most incredible experience.”

It comes after Lygo ‘mocked’ the GB News star at an event in November.

As reported by The Sun, he appeared on stage at the recent ITV Palooza event to take a swipe at the presenter his company shelled out a reported £1.5m for.

Lygo appeared on stage alongside a British Sign Language interpreter, before speaking out on his lack of sign language knowledge.

He then went on to make a lewd gesture as he spoke about the GB News star, before saying he “has to come home from Australia in a dinghy”.

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