I'm A Celeb 'censorship row': ITV denies 'dirty tricks' ad boycott plot to cancel Farage as GB News star sees airtime decline

I'm A Celeb 'censorship row': ITV denies 'dirty tricks' ad boycott plot to cancel Farage as GB News star sees airtime decline

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 28/11/2023

- 12:29

Updated: 28/11/2023

- 17:09

The GB News star is still in the running to win the series

ITV has denied Nigel Farage's decline in airtime is a result of pressure from advertisers, GB News has learned.

It's been reported that key scenes involving Farage have purposefully not made it to the final edit of the show - including what would've undoubtedly been an unmissable debate about US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Sources claimed to GB News that the decision to limit Farage's airtime may have been a result of pressures from advertisers but ITV has denied this is the case.

A source told GB News: "It would not be a surprise if advertisers were putting pressure on to limit Nigel's airtime, as they have done many times before.

"They can now see that he is popular with the public, and they can't stand it.

"We can expect more dirty tricks from hard-left campaigners over the coming days. They want to stop him winning."

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has seen a decline in his minutes on-screen


It's also understood that allies of Farage are growing concerned and angry at "insane dirty tricks" against him on the show.

However, an ITV spokesperson branded the claims as "untrue" while a separate statement from the channel defended the show's editing process.

"We are a 60-75 minute Entertainment show and the content featured is a fair and accurate representation of life in camp," the spokesperson's statement read.

Broadcasting regulator Ofcom states in its rules that networks must not be influenced by outside powers that could compromise the editorial integrity of its output.

Farage has faced boycott calls from some disgruntled fans throughout the series so far - with even a number of woke celebs wading into the row to stoke the flames.

He was even the victim of shameful "body-shaming" comments from ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly who mocked his appearance in the jungle.

And while Farage may have seen a decline in his on-air minutes of late, he has still managed to impress when voted by the public to take on a handful of trials.

Farage has also proven an entertaining figure in the camp and has provided a number of intriguing and, at times, fiery debates with his co-stars.

Just days after entering the camp, Farage found himself at loggerheads with Fred Siriex for his campaigning ahead of the Brexit vote back in 2016.

Nigel Farage

ITV has denied advertising pressure had led to a decline in Farage's airtime


Siriex and Farage even revisited their difference of opinion in another tense debate last week when the subject of Brexit reared its head.

Nella Rose and Farage managed to hit headlines everywhere earlier this month too when the pair debated immigration.

However, Rose came under fire and even faced "racism" claims when she asked the GB News star: "Why don't black people like you?"

Farage remains an integral part of the camp ahead of the first elimination of the series, although the line-up was whittled down to 11 this week when Grace Dent left the show on "medical grounds".

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