Lorraine Kelly slammed for 'body shaming' Nigel Farage with 'disgusting' remarks about I'm A Celeb star

Lorraine Kelly slammed for 'body shaming' Nigel Farage with 'disgusting' remarks about I'm A Celeb star

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 22/11/2023

- 10:17

Updated: 22/11/2023

- 13:03

The presenter acted surprised to discover Farage's age

Lorraine Kelly has been met with a number of furious responses following comments she made about Nigel Farage in the jungle.

The GB News star headed Down Under alongside nine other celebs last week to take part in the latest series of the ITV show and has proven a hit since entering the jungle.

Not only has Farage succeeded in a number of trials he's faced - including eating a cow udder pizza - but he's stood his ground when confronted about Brexit and is living harmoniously with the rest of the camp.

The same can't be said for the likes of Nella Rose, however, who sparked outrage for her row with Fred Siriex on Tuesday evening following remarks he made about being old enough to be her dad.

But instead of focussing on the positives of Farage's stint in the jungle, Kelly took a pop at the GB News presenter's appearance.

The moment in question came during Tuesday's episode of her self-titled talk show in which Edwina Currie - another former politician and I'm A Celeb campmate - shared her thoughts on Farage's jungle stint.

Nigel Farage Nigel Farage takes part in The Jungle Pizzeria challenge ITV

"I think he’s in there because he thinks he can enhance his reputation," Currie explained.

"He’s seen as a responsible, intelligent and worthy person of some kind or other. He’s only, what 59? He’s got plenty ahead of him if he wants to get going again.”

The presenter then cut in to act surprised at discovering Farage's age.

"Is he?! Is he only 59?" Kelly said in shock. "I thought he was a hell of a lot older than that.

“That’s astonishing, that just shows you get the face you deserve! You really do."

While Kelly promptly moved things on during the show, viewers at home were not going to let the comments slide.

On X, formerly Twitter, some even demanded answers from ITV as they called out the double standards of Kelly ridiculing Farage's appearance.

One fuming viewer penned: "@ITV Why is it allowed for @lorraine to body shame & ridicule @Nigel_Farage's looks, laughing alongside other women? Are you going to get her to apologize for her disgusting remarks & behaviour? #lorraine #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #ITV."

Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly has been slammed for her comments on Farage


This prompted a second to agree: "Exactly, if a man said that on live tv about a woman he’d be cancelled by now."

Elsewhere, a third weighed in: "'Is he only 59? You get the face you deserve'. #NigelFarage With 3 women laughing. I guess body shaming men is fine isn’t it #Lorraine until a woman’s weight is mentioned."

And another raged: "We all talk about body shaming being so wrong, but #lorraine Kelly has done that with #NigelFarage. There is nothing wrong with him. Maybe time to retire Lorraine and time for @Ofcom to react."

And a fifth simply put: "#Lorraine Body shaming. Disgusting." (sic)

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