Dick Strawbridge fans fiercely defend ETTC star as he and wife Angel face criticism over children's habits

Dick Strawbridge fans fiercely defend ETTC star as he and wife Angel face criticism over children's habits

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 13/03/2024

- 18:17

Updated: 20/03/2024

- 14:15

The Escape to the Chateau couple are currently touring the US with their children

Dick Strawbridge’s fans have jumped to his defence after a wholesome post he shared to social media sparked some criticism.

The Escape to the Chateau star, 64, is currently touring the US with wife Angel Adoree and their two children, Dorothy and Arthur.

Strawbridge took to his shared Escape to the Chateau Instagram account on Tuesday to post a series of snaps of his family enjoying the sights of New York.

He captioned the post: “New York baby!!!” and showed the four of them smiling at some of the famous landmarks, but one negative comment received a lot of attention.

The comment in question came from one concerned fan who shared their dismay at seeing the two youngsters out of school as they commented: “Why are the children not at school?"

But while Strawbridge hasn't responded, legions of Escape to the Chateau fans were quick to jump to the former Channel 4 stars' defence.

“They are on tour with their parents as long as they report back with plenty of pictures of their trip the school don't mind,” one replied before a second said: “Lots of kids are on Spring Break this week."

A third fumed: “Blagh !!!! Stop !!! These wonderful children are getting more of an education then half of the children sitting sleeping at their desk.”

“Why are you so incredibly rude???” another person quizzed the original Instagram user.

“NYC IS an education,” another wrote, while someone else asked: “Why are you minding other parent’s business?”

Arthur, Dick and Dorothy

Fans defended the family on social media

Instagram/Escape to the Chateau

The family found fame on the reality series Escape to the Chateau, which followed the couple as they upped sticks from the UK to buy and renovate a historic French chateau.

They soon transformed the building into a home and thriving business, but it was time for them to move on from their beloved project in 2022, and the series came to an end.

The couple, who are adept in their DIY skills and unique creativity, have plenty of fans overseas and are currently across the pond.

During their tour, they’ve been sharing stories, tips and hacks with their American fanbase.

Dick Strawbridge

The family found fame on Escape to the Chateau

Channel 4

Speaking recently to KING 5 News in the US, the husband and wife team were asked how they managed to embark on the huge project without constant "fights".

“Everybody thinks I say yes all the time,” Strawbridge, 64, replied, adding: “That's not true. But Angel now understands that you eat an elephant a bite at a time.

“And you have to sort of start and do one little bit at a time. That's the first thing we establish, and she can have anything but not everything."

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