ITV Celebrity Big Brother fans stunned as Louis Walsh labels Jedward 'vile'

ITV Celebrity Big Brother fans stunned as Louis Walsh labels Jedward 'vile'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 12/03/2024

- 21:51

Updated: 13/03/2024

- 08:49

The 71-year-old hasn't been shy in sharing his opinions on the show

Celebrity Big Brother fans were left shocked by claims former X Factor star Louis Walsh casually shared on Tuesday's episode about some of the stars he worked with.

Following the first eviction of Gary Goldsmith on Friday, fans were eager to find out who out of Walsh, Fern Britton and Lauren Simon would be the next to leave the house on Tuesday, and some weren't impressed by some of remarks Walsh made during the episode.

Walsh was asked by Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Coronation Street star Colson Smith, what it had been like to work with John and Edward Grimes, collectively known as Jedward.

The identical twins found fame on The X Factor in 2009, with Walsh managing them at the time.

The Irish brothers went on to star in other TV shows and also took part in Celebrity Big Brother themselves back in 2017.

Reply to Smith, Walsh simply remarked: "Vile". He went on: "They were vile," before going on to say how much money they'd made him.

Louis Walsh

Louis labelled Jedward "vile" when asked about the X Factor stars


"I made £5 million from them though," he added before reiterating the duo were "vile".

Taking to social media, viewers were stunned by Walsh's blunt comments, which seemed to spark a backlash.

One wrote: "Louis Walsh is the vile one, nasty man #cbb #cbbuk," while another penned: "'Jedward were vile!' Shut up, Louis! #Louis #CBB #CBBUK."

"Louis is the only vile one I see. He’s literally done nothing but b**** about people since he’s been in there #cbb #cbbuk," a third commented.


Jedward took part in the 2009 series of The X Factor


"Imagine making 5 mil off someone and calling them vile… Louis is a horrible#cbb," another shared.

Someone else asked: "Is Louis saying that Jedward's singing was vile or that they were vile people? #CBBUK #CBB."

One added: "I'm sorry but after seeing what a b**** Louis is whenever he calls someone vile now I just think they probably weren't, they just weren't up his a**. #CBB #CBBUK."

However, some enjoyed Walsh's honesty, with another viewer posting: "'Jedward, they were vile. But I got 5 million quid for them’ I love Louis Walsh Him And Sharon have no filter I love it #CBB."

Walsh could be sent packing tonight after he was among the three housemates put at risk of eviction on Monday's episode.

Walsh, Simon and Zuzu Millz received the most votes to be eliminated by their fellow housemates, but Sharon Osbourne was told to save one person and add someone else from the group.


Louis Walsh didn't hold back when he was asked about the singers


She opted to save Millz from eviction and add Britton, meaning any of the trio could be voted out in the live eviction on Tuesday.

Walsh had already sparked a strong reaction on X before Tuesday's show even started after the IT programme shared a sneak peek clip on XIn the clip, he told his fellow housemates: “I love the way they look, even Fern looks good.”

As Millz hit back at him for his rude comment, he fumed: "I’m not changing,” before storming out of the room.

He also seemed to give Smith a telling off, call him the "weak link".

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