Countryfile’s Matt Baker opens up on ‘upsetting’ injury after no longer ‘able to bend over’

Countryfile’s Matt Baker opens up on ‘upsetting’ injury after no longer ‘able to bend over’

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 02/04/2024

- 21:20

The Countryfile star has been part of the informative nature show since 2009 and has been a big staple for fans

Matt Baker has opened up on a health issue which has been troubling him for a number of years and revealed the struggle of bending over due to the injury.

During a recent conversation with Gabby Logan on her Mid Point podcast, he opened up on his slipped disc which has caused him some long-term issues.

Baker, who used to be a gymnast, was asked if he could still do backflips, but sadly revealed: “No, I can’t now. I’ve injured my back.

“I can’t tell you how upsetting it is as an ex-gymnast, not to be able to bend forward. I did my back in. I was doing panto. I was doing Goldilocks and the Three Bears and we were practicing with the stunt chairs.

“The chair wasn’t set correctly and bang! I went down on my coccyx and it turns out I slipped a disk in my back.”

Despite doing everything he could to try and recover from the injury – including training and rehab – Baker confessed that he’s had to resort to injections for relief.

Logan joked with Baker and noted that he lives with a physiotherapist – his wife Nicola Baker – leaving the BBC star to reply: “I know, exactly – so we tried all that. Went for the nerve block [injection].”

This wasn’t the first time that Baker had opened up about his injury, as last year he shared with the Daily Mail: “By Christmas Day [that year] I couldn’t get out of bed.

“It was horrendous, absolute agony. We did presents in the bedroom,” before noting that it was his “worst” Christmas ever.

The star documented his herniated disc journey on his Instagram account with his fans, asking for advice and revealing all about the injection.

Matt Baker

Matt is embarking on a new travel show titled Baker's Britain


Alongside a video of his journey, he wrote: “Hi All, Any advice for a herniated disc …? For a long time now I’ve been dealing with a herniated disc- as an ex gymnast it’s hard not to be able to bend forward…

“So I decided to have a nerve block injection, - what a brilliant Surgeon and lovely NHS team it was that did my treatment. Thank you all! (also a big thanks to the nurse who used to watch me on Bluepeter - the buttered toast was amazing!)

“Big thanks also to my friends at Champneys for helping me with my rehab it’s a very special place. If you know of any good exercises or helpful tips I’d love to hear them.”

The former Blue Peter star is hoping for a speedy recovery after his latest career news of heading to Channel 4 for a brand new series.

Matt Baker

Matt Baker opened up on his injury


Titled Baker’s Britain – the show will celebrate the extraordinary people in the UK, travelling around England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Baker will meet a lot of interesting people who love what they do and help make Britain special and said in a statement: “This new series encompasses everything we love as a production company celebrating the people who make Britain great."

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