CBB viewers left furious as Fern Britton dodges eviction for the fourth time: ‘Who is saving her?’

CBB viewers left furious as Fern Britton dodges eviction for the fourth time: ‘Who is saving her?’

Fern Britton brands Louis Walsh a snake

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 19/03/2024

- 22:49

The former Big Brother star has made it through to the final on Friday evening

Celebrity Big Brother fans were left furious tonight as Fern Britton once again managed to dodge the eviction despite losing faith in the British public.

Marisha Wallace and ZeZe Millz were booted from the Big Brother house tonight, which means Britton, Nikita Kuzmin, Bradley Riches, David Potts and Louis Walsh are all in the final.

When she first entered the house, Britton was one of the public's favourites with many comparing her to the motherly figure of the house.

However, over the last couple of days, fans have claimed she has shown her true colours and “figured out” her game plan as she produces “crocodile tears” too often.

After it was announced by AJ Odudu and Will Best that she had managed to stay in the house, viewers immediately flocked to their social media account to discuss the results.

“Who tf is voting for Fern?” one simply asked before another added: “Omg how did Fern not get evicted!!!.”

Fern Britton

Fans were left furious she dodged eviction for the fourth time


“FERN BUSSED CASE AGAIN?!!!!” a third exclaimed, before a furious watched noted: “WHAT?! ZEZE?! HOW?! WHO TF IS VOTING FOR CRYBABY PATRONISING FERN?!”

Another penned: “Okay but WHO is voting for Fern?! Even if you like her, she brings nothing to the house.”


A sixth fan said: “Ok no. Marisha and ZeZe? Wrong choice!!!! Should have been Fern and maybe ZeZe. BUT MARISHA AND ZEZE??????”

Fern Britton

Fern was booed as her name was called out during the live eviction


During tonight’s episode, Britton once again broke down in tears after she claimed she couldn’t handle keeping the fact that she placed the snake on Walsh’s bed a secret.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, she explained: “I have been feeling wretched about the Louis and the snake thing. I hate keeping it a secret, this is how it comes out.”

Realising how it was affecting Britton, Big Brother explained: “If that’s how you feel, gather your housemates in the living room.”

After rounding up the Housemates, Britton revealed: “Big Brother has permitted me, I have had the most miserable 24 hours because I was given the task of the snake.”

Fern Britton

Fern Britton was saved once again


Stunned, Walsh immediately sat forward and snapped: “It was you? You f***ing cow. I don’t care, it’s fine!” but Britton broke down in tears.

“I put the snake on your pillow, fantastic it all worked out so well, the worst deed gave the best gift. The last 24 hours have been grim so I am sorry everybody. I feel better now because it is just s**t.”

As everyone gathered around Britton to console her, Walsh quipped: “Oh here we go…. It’s fine! It’s fine, I have forgiven her. I had forgotten about it.”

Discussing the revelation with the Dairy Room, Walsh fumed: “I never suspected Fern. She is very conniving. She knows what she wants and she is going to get it.

“She knows the politics of getting what she wants and she wanted rid of me. She is a fantastic actress, she cried like that. She wants to win. She is pretending to win, she wants it and she wants it bad.”

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