BBC The Apprentice viewers slam ‘awkward editing’ as contestant cut from spin-off show

BBC The Apprentice viewers slam ‘awkward editing’ as contestant cut from spin-off show
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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 15/02/2024

- 22:50

Updated: 15/02/2024

- 22:53

Dr Asif Munaf's scenes were shelved from the popular chat show

The latest contestant to have been fired on this year's The Apprentice was edited out of the spin-off show, You're Fired, after a number of his social media posts were flagged as being antisemetic.

Ahead of the show airing on Thursday, Dr Asif Munaf sparked a huge backlash by claiming on social media that Zionists were a "godless satanic cult" and referenced the "trial of the zionist antichrist".

According to Deadline, Munaf had still been allowed to film his You're Fired episode recently, but following criticism the BBC decided to take his scenes out of the BBC Two show.

A spokesperson told GB News on Thursday: "We can confirm that the individual concerned will not feature as a guest on any additional upcoming BBC content relating to The Apprentice."

However, the news left fans baffled because the programme was still scheduled to be aired after the BBC One programme as usual and many tuned in simply to see how the editing would work.

The contestant didn't appear at all in the show, when typically the fired candidate joins the panel to give their thoughts.

\u200bDr Asif Munaf

Dr Asif Munaf was removed from You're Fired over a series of social media posts


At one point though, a clear edit was made when host Tom Allen seemed as though he was going to welcome Munaf to the show, but instead in what seemed to be a voice over, he stated: "Now, fired candidate Asif Munaf won't be joining us tonight. Here's the moment he left the process."

A clip then showed the doctor being fired by Sir Alan Sugar, but fans couldn't help but point out the "awkward editing" of the programme.

Taking to social media one fan wrote: "Awkward edit on you’re fired #TheApprentice," while another agreed: "That was a dodgy edit about Asif not being on You’re Fired. #TheApprentice."

"Editors worked over time on you're fired #TheApprentice," a third joked.

Dr Asif Munaf

Fans of the show took to social media to complain about the editing


"Awkward edit on you’re fired," someone else echoed while another confessed: "I have to admit I'm only watching you're fired on how the hell they are going to edit this at all. #TheApprentice."

"Let's see how they've edited You're Fired then... #TheApprentice," another viewer shared.

"The Apprentice: You're Fired is indeed going to be awkward for the BBC now," a sixth posted.

One social media user fumed: "And the edit is a mess. What an absolute disaster for the bbc. I'm surprised they went ahead and aired the programme! #TheApprentice."

Tom Allen

Fans noticed the clear edit of Tom Allen's word during You're Fired


In retaliation to him being edited out of the chat show, Munaf returned to social media - and continued to air his views.

Revealing a spoiler for Thursday's instalment of The Apprentice, Munaf shared: "My time on the show will come to end tonight. But this is just the beginning.

"We thank Him for the opportunity to bring the plight of our brothers and sisters in Gaza to the mainstream."

The Apprentice star continued to share a series of posts about the series, writing in a separate entry: "They can cut my scenes from the show but they can't cut my connection with Him."

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