'Woke' BBC Newsround sparks fury for teaching 'white privilege' as FACT to teens

'Woke' BBC Newsround sparks fury for teaching 'white privilege' as FACT to teens

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 26/10/2023

- 09:34

Updated: 26/10/2023

- 11:52

The corporation's youth-targeted news service Newsround has come under fire for an article published online

The BBC is facing floods of complaints from angered members of the public after it published an article with the title, "White privilege: What is it and how can it be used to help others?” on its Newsround site.

Newsround, which typically caters to a younger audience of children and teens, has now been accused of teaching the concept of "white privilege" as fact to youngsters.

Much of the criticism levelled at the Beeb comes as a result of Professor Kehinde Andrews' contributions to the article - a man who has openly criticised the British Empire and even claimed it was "worse than the Nazis".

He also released a book earlier this year titled The Psychosis of Whiteness which included the tagline: "Surviving the Insanity of a Racist World."

Arguably one of Andrews' most controversial claims during his time in the limelight was when he branded the late Queen Elizabeth II as a "symbol of white supremacy".

Andrews says in the Newsround article: "White privilege is the benefits that you get from being white. If you are an ethnic minority there are certain disadvantages you have.

"For example, it’s a fact that you’re more likely to be unemployed. White privilege is not having to deal with racism."

Prof Kehinde Andrews

Prof Kehinde Andrews is no stranger to sharing his views in mainstream media


Elsewhere in the piece, readers are encouraged to explore how to become an "ally" to those of a different race, along with the claim that "someone who uses their white privilege for good is called an ‘ally’".

Campaigners have now taken action against the BBC with the group Don’t Divide Us publicly criticising the corporation.

Don't Divide Us, led by director Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, claim to seek a "common sense" approach to race and has accused the BBC of "impugning the majority of the British public who happen to be white" and also "patronising Britain's non-white citizens".

Cuthbert said in the letter of complaint to the BBC [via the Telegraph]: "All the people recorded in this website sing from the same hymn sheet of Critical Race Theory.

"'White privilege’ is not a scientifically or logically proven concept, yet it is presented on your website as if it were a self-evident truth."

They also branded critical race theory and white privilege as “ill-defined, controversial and politically partisan concepts".

The article was first published back in 2020.

Members of the public on X, formerly known as Twitter, were similarly perturbed by the BBC's publication of such an article on its Newsround site.

GB News' own and Conservative MP Lee Anderson has even had his say, blasting the article as he said [via Mail Online]: "Once again the BBC has shown it's nothing but a safe space for radical ideologies.

"Licence fee payers expect the Beeb's news channels to stick to reporting current events, not spouting woke nonsense to children," he said. "Newsroom bosses must put a stop to these lefty lectures.'

One social media user fumed at the corporation: "Well it is the BBC wouldn’t expect anything less from them," followed by a series of angered emojis.

A second similarly raged: "And they expect people to continue paying their tv licences #DefundTheBBC," again followed by angered emojis.

Another took aim at Andrews in particular: "TWO things should be banned asap! The BBC and this anti-British, racist, odious professor Kehinde Andrews! He's a vile individual!"

While a fourth hit out: "BBC Newsround promoting racist hatred to young people. Disgusting."

However, there was some support for the article as broadcaster Narinder Kaur weighed in to claim: "He [Andrews] is right though. The late Queen was the ultimate symbol of white supremacy. That cannot be denied. Why shouldn't Children be taught truths?" (sic)

The BBC said to GB News: “This article was first published in June 2020 and has not been changed.”

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