MasterChef fans claim BBC series has ‘run out of ideas’ after ‘easy’ challenges: ‘Getting worse!’

MasterChef fans claim BBC series has ‘run out of ideas’ after ‘easy’ challenges: ‘Getting worse!’

Gregg Wallace was left impressed with farmer Louise's dish

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 18/04/2024

- 21:54

Updated: 18/04/2024

- 21:57

Three more contestants made it through to the quarter finals of the BBC cooking series

Masterchef fans were left once again let down by the BBC series after six new contestants were asked to make “easy” dishes during their challenges.

The next group of six budding chefs were asked to make a basic to brilliant dish, where they took a basic ingredient such as an egg, and integrated it throughout the whole of their dish.

After Lora and Lulu sailed through to the final challenge, the remaining four contestants were asked to prepare a humble salad using ingredients such as chicken, salmon and bacon, including their own Caesar dressing.

However, many fans of the series were left disappointed with “another” basic challenge where they claimed that the contestants shouldn’t be in the competition if they couldn’t produce the basic dish.

Taking to their X account, one commented: “Bloody ell, have they run out of meal ideas? Caesar Salad.”

“Oh God the challenges get worse. A SALAD! #masterchef,” another noted before a third added: “So you want them to make a Caesar Salad then? #MasterChef.”


Fans were left furious at the simple task of making a salad


Another expressed: “I mean.. if you can’t make a basic salad how the hell did you make it through to #MasterChef.”

“Do producers think we’re not gonna notice how basic they have made these challenges recently? Supposed to test their skills not their lunch knowledge,” a fifth expressed.

In the final challenge, Lulu, Tom, Dinta, Lora were all challenged to make eight plates of food in 75 minutes.

Their menu was appraised by 2010 MasterChef Champion Dhruv Baker and runners-up Tim Kinnaird and Alex Rushmer.


Lulu, Tom and Dinta made it through to the quarter finals


Unfortunately for Lora, she failed to impress and was sent packing, which meant that Lulu, Tom, Dinta, made it to the quarterfinals.

This isn’t the first time this week that the BBC series has come under fire from its watchers, as many slammed the fact that many of the contestants from last night's episode didn’t know to poach an egg or make hollandaise sauce.

Many fans claimed that it was a “low bar” challenge and added they were slowly giving up with the cooking series.

Commenting on the challenge after it was done, John Torode said: “I’m surprised that not all of them knew how to poach an egg perfectly.”

Gregg Wallace and John Torode

Gregg and John issued an 'easy' challenge


Defending the contestants, Gregg Wallace added: “Shall I tell you what the issue is? Stress and Masterchef nerves. That’s what the issue is.”

Six more contestants will enter the kitchen next week to fight for a place in the quarter finals.

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