Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge mark 'perfect end to incredible journey' as they reflect on kids' milestone

Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree

Dick and Angel discussed their children's milestones

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 07/07/2024

- 18:54

The Escape to the Chateau stars recently celebrated a huge step in their children's life

Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge recently took to their social media account to share a big step in their son's - Arthur Strawbridge, 11 - life, finishing primary school.

During their latest podcast episode - Dick & Angel... Chat-eu - Adoree admitted she was emotional as their son was coming to the end of his time in primary school and going into the world of secondary.

The couple recently applauded the milestone on their Instagram and shared a montage of images from the party which they threw for their son and his friends.

Adoree and Strawbridge captioned the post: "It’s been beautiful and emotional! Our sweet little boy, who was known to the teachers as the ‘friendly giant’, finished primary school forever.

"The class of CM2 and all the teachers celebrated with a ‘Boum’ at the Chateau on Friday night. The sun was golden…there was plenty of laughter, tears and photos…the perfect end to what’s been an incredible part of our journey.

"Here’s to the end of an era and a new beginning! Have a lovely Sunday."

Fans of the family were quick to comment on the huge milestone, with one noting: "Oh my! They are so big now! Congrats on school!"

"Arthur is becoming more and more like his dad. And Dorothy is already becoming a real lady," another added before a third said: "So fun to see your post and how your family is doing since the show completed. Well done Arthur and cheers and much success to a new school chapter."

A fourth penned: Congratulations. Another chapter closes and a new one begins. Time appears to have flown by, I remember your first episode on escape to the chateau and how young Arthur and Dorothy were and now they are entering a new phase of their lives."

"Good luck for your scholastic future gorgeous Arthur," someone else commented before another praised: "Congratulations! He looks so dapper with that fresh cut!" (sic)

Dick Strawbridge, Angel Adoree, Arthur Strawbridge and Dorothy Strawbridge

Arthur recently left primary school and had a party to celebrate


During their podcast, Adoree became emotional when talking about her first-born taking a big step in life, revealing: "This week, it has been quite an exciting week, some would say."

"We have come to the end! It is the end of an era within the family," Strawbridge expressed before Adoree quickly jumped in: "Don't make me cry! I am in a good place."

Explaining what they were thinking about, Strawbridge added: "Arthur's last week in the primary school in the village! If you watched Escape to the Chateau you would have seen mummy taking her three year-old-along.

"He learnt how to ask to go to the toilet and that is the only French that he spoke, mummy took her little boy along and gave him to the class. Arthur was the biggest by a long way!"

Arthur Strawbridge

Arthur is the oldest child of the Escape to the Chateau couple


Laughing at how Arthur is still the biggest, Adoree recalled: "This morning, he gave me a kiss, he was there and Dorothy was in the bedroom as well getting some clothes out.

"Arthur gave me a kiss and Dorothy said 'Get this Skyscraper out the way!' Arthur is so tall!

"We have got a really busy week, on Friday the end of the week we have got this Boom which is a big party at the Orangery, it's the whole year, it's the parents, teachers, it will be a lot of fun. Then we're off on holiday."

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