'Vegetarian' singer Anastacia branded a 'fraud' by angry vegans as they slam star for eating pork on ITV show

'Vegetarian' singer Anastacia branded a 'fraud' by angry vegans as they slam star for eating pork on ITV show

Anastacia eats pork live on TV despite being "vegetatian"

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 08/02/2024

- 12:05

Updated: 08/02/2024

- 13:00

Anastacia is an American singer who is best known for her songs I’m Outta Love and Left Outside Alone

Anastacia infuriated vegans and vegetarian’s on Wednesday morning after she repeatedly claimed she didn’t eat meat - but happily devoured a meat-based meal which TV chef Ainsley Harriott had prepared.

The extent of the pop-star’s vegetarianism beliefs aren’t known but she has in the past spoken about her diet and why she decided to stop eating meat.

Discussing her health journey after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and how it had changed her outlook on life, she previously explained: “My sister showed me that Supersize Me McDonald’s thing and now I can’t eat McDonald’s.

“But other than that, I eat as I always did. I try to avoid processed food, but I haven’t overhauled my diet. I eat to live, rather than live to eat.

“Maybe because food fuels Crohn’s disease, I have never associated it with pleasure.

“Besides, I’m not a model. I don’t need to be a size zero. I’m a singer. If I become two singers on stage, what difference does it make? We’d just have to move a couple of musicians out of the way…”


Anastacia left fans stunned when she ate a pork chop live on air


The star then left viewers confused with her behavior after she couldn’t resist getting in on the action after Harriott had cooked up a storm.

Rushing over to his station, she happily tucked into his meal which included pork chops, and almost immediately admitted: “I don’t eat meat people! This is the truth.”

“I’ve inspired you to go back?” Harriott questioned before Anastacia asked what the best way to eat the dish was, putting the sausage, potato, and broccoli together.

“This is the perfect breakfast!” she exclaimed after eating the plate of food before This Morning presenter Alison Hammond asked: “Are you really a veggie?”

Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriot was pleased Anastacia liked his food


“Yeah! I don’t eat meat,” she laughed leaving a horrified Dermot O’Leary to apologise: “That’s absolutely mortifying, I’m so sorry.”

Trying to move on from the awkward moment, O’Leary took the plate from under Anastacia and continued with the segment from Harriott.

Viewers were quick to react to the moment with a number of irked vegetarians taking issue with the singer’s behaviour.

One X user asked: “Can you check if Anastacia is ok? She is a veggie who is just munching on a pork chop.”

“Just watched ‘vegetarian’ Anastacia sit and eat pork chops… wtf!” a second quipped before another added: “Not sure if she is taking the mick out of vegetarians or she has genuinely lost the plot?”


Anastacia infuriated fans as she ate meat live on air


“Genuinely is she ok? Either she was joking or there is something wrong because no one’s cooking is that good to make a ‘vegetarian’ convert,” a fourth fumed.

And a fifth angry viewer went one step further as they raged: “@thismorning ANASTASIA is a fraud! Told everyone she is vegan but joked about eating pork and invited people to smell her pork breathe @PETAUK @peta.”

They followed this up with another furious post which read: “@PETAUK calling out Anastasia! Pretending to be vegetarian/ vegan but eating PORK CHOP on live tv @thismorning Making a joke of the whole thing. PETA TAKE NOTE!!!!!!!” (sic)

Anastacia continued to make light of the matter when she later pulled pork out of her teeth, leaving Hammond to quiz: “Are you a meat eater now?’

Praising Harriott’s cooking and offering a major compliment, she replied: “Well, if he’s cooking for me, I might have to convert.”

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