Sir Ed Davey blasted for 'ignoring' sub-postmasters amid election campaign: 'I'm still waiting for compensation!'

Sir Ed Davey blasted for 'ignoring' sub-postmasters amid election campaign: 'I'm still waiting for compensation!'

WATCH NOW: Sir Ed Davey slammed for 'ignoring' wrongfully convicted sub-postmasters

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 18/06/2024

- 22:54

Updated: 19/06/2024

- 08:06

The Lib Dem leader has recently apologised for 'not seeing through the lies' of the Horizon scandal

A former sub-postmistress affected by the Horizon Post Office scandal has called on Lib Dems leader Sir Ed Davey to "not ignore" the victims of the scandal, as he continues his campaign trail ahead of the July election.

The Lib Dem leader apologised earlier this year for "not seeing through the lies" of the Horizon scandal when he was overseeing the Post Office as business minister from 2010 to 2012.

However, Davey's election campaign has failed to recognise the sub-postmasters and mistresses who were wrongfully convicted and has seen him appearing at various outdoor pursuit venues, taking part in paddle boarding and playing frisbee.

Speaking to GB News, former sub-postmistress Seema Misra reveals she has "still not received compensation" after being jailed for four months whilst pregnant.

Seema Misra and Sir Ed Davey

Former sub-postmistress Seema Misra says she is 'still waiting for compensation' following the Horizon scandal

GB News / PA

Detailing her story on GB News with host Patrick Christys, Misra recalled how "innocent lives were ruined" by the Horizon IT scandal, but Davey is "trying to ignore it" because of "other election pressures".

Misra told Patrick: "In 2005 I bought a Post Office, and then in 2008 I was suspended because of the theft charges and false accounting, and then in 2010, I was sentenced to prison for 15 months when I was eight weeks pregnant, because the jury came back with a guilty verdict."

Misra revealed that due to "good behaviour", she was let out of prison after four months, but was forced to "give birth with a tag on".

Misra added: "And Ed Davey knew about it because my MP wrote to him about what happened to me and he ignored it."

Sir Ed Davey

Sir Ed Davey has been engaging in many outdoor pursuits during his election campaign


Hitting out at Davey's campaign efforts ahead of the election, Misra slammed the "publicity stunts" of the Lib Dems leader and fumed that he is "just having fun".


Misra raged: "Innocent lives were ruined because of the scandal and everything that is still happening, but because of the other election pressures, they just try to ignore it."

When asked by Patrick what she would like to say to Sir Ed Davey, Misra responded: "First of all, he can't ignore that he didn't know about the cases, because as I mentioned, my MP wrote to him and he ignored it.

"They promised that they would look into Horizon, but it's time for action. We heard so many false promises, each and every victim needs their compensation sooner rather than later, and there needs to be proper accountability."

Misra also revealed that in her personal case, she is "still waiting for my full and final compensation" as a result of the scandal and that there are "so many others waiting for the full and final compensation as well".

Former Sub-postmaster

Misra demanded Sir Ed Davey to 'stop ignoring' those affected by the Post Office Horizon scandal

GB News

In a statement, a Lib Dems spokesperson said: "Post Office officials lied to the victims, Parliament, the courts and 16 Post Office ministers.

"Ed's heart goes out to all those victims bitterly failed by the system, and vows to fight with them for justice.

"He's campaigning to change the system so that this kind of awful miscarriage of justice is never repeated."

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