Alastair Stewart in revealing update on his dementia battle - as he warns 'don't put a brave face on it'

Alastair Stewart in revealing update on his dementia battle - as he warns 'don't put a brave face on it'

Alastair Stewart speaks to GB News members

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Emily Fox

By Emily Fox

Published: 26/05/2024

- 07:19

Veteran broadcaster Alastair Stewart has given GB News members an exclusive update on his health

The legendary broadcaster has given GB News members an update on his health as he continues his battle with vascular dementia.

In an exclusive video , he explained how is still unable to tie his shoelaces along but that he feels 'better than ever.'

He outlined the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's and how those with vascular dementia can delay its effects - things which he is doing.

He said: "The strange thing about dementia is that if you have my kind, which is vascular dementia, it won't get worse if you are a good boy. And that means not smoking. It means not drinking heavily and taking a lot more exercise.

Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewart has spoken of his battle with vascular dementia

GB News

"And I do all of that with support from friends.

"Folks who are unlucky enough to have Alzheimer's, then that does get worse

"There are treatments available for Alzheimer's, which there aren't for vascular dementia. So as long as I look after myself and I'm really lucky to have a brilliant wife and family who look after me and a lot of friends as well, then hopefully it won't get any worse.

"It's not necessarily going to get a lot better, but it won't get a lot worse.

He added: "I feel in myself as good as I've ever done. I mean, I still have difficulties with things like doing up my tie and shoelaces but I'm stuck with that because there is partial brain damage.

Alastair added that it was dementia awareness week and gave his advice to those in a similar boat.

He added: "One of the key things that we wanted to get across through the Alzheimer's Society, which looks after people who've got vascular dementia as well, is if you think you might have it, then do what I did and that is go and talk to a GP.

"GP won't necessarily be able to tell you, but he or she will be able to say, look, what you need is an MRI scan and that will show us whether you've got brain damage or a CT scan that will show the blood vessels and stuff like that.

"Don't put a brave face on it, because it may be something that will really diminish the quality of your life unless you take the actions that I've taken and look after yourself a lot better."


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