Alan Sugar breaks with The Apprentice tradition in brutal firing after 'worst performance' in show history

Alan Sugar breaks with The Apprentice tradition in brutal firing after 'worst performance' in show history

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 22/03/2024

- 10:57

Updated: 22/03/2024

- 11:00

The candidate was fired without being asked to select others to be brought into the boardroom

The Apprentice saw a change of format on Thursday's show as candidate Noor Bouziane failed to impress Alan Sugar.

The project manager of the task, who found herself on the losing team, wasn’t asked by the business magnate to select two contestants to join her in the dreaded boardroom as normal, with Sugar seemingly having already made up his mind that she would be fired.

The latest instalment saw the teams tasked with producing a “creating advertising campaign” for an electric vehicle.

Bouziane put herself forward for project manager of her team, but a selection of questionable decisions saw the team losing the task.

The group's branding and advertisement was slammed, with the logo likened to a “sanitary product”. The advert also failed to show adequate information about the camper van and was described as being “childish”.

Deciding on the winning team, Sugar, 76, announced: “I listened to what the experts have said.

Alan Sugar and Noor Bouziane

The Apprentice's latest episode saw Bouziane fired


“I've seen the adverts. My decision is that Nexus your advertisement campaign was better, well done!”

At this point, Sugar usually asks the losing project manager to decide on which two contestants they wish to bring back to the boardroom to be grilled on the failing,

However, he instead asked the whole team to return, later adding that Bouziane had been "at the wheel of [the] task with backseat drivers all screaming at [her] in the back".

Despite the heavy criticisms at her decisions, Bouziane insisted she was happy with the advert. Making up his mind, Sugar stated: "I'm banging my head against a brick wall here.

The Apprentice

Bouziane's team failed the task


“I'm frustrated Noor that you don't understand how you've messed this thing up. I gave you the opportunity to prove yourself and Noor it was a terrible, terrible advert and I'm afraid to say, it is with regret Noor that, you're fired.”

After making her exit, Bouziane stated: "I'm grateful to have met amazing people and to have showed the small percentage of what an amazing business woman I am. And even though the advert got a lot of criticism, I still believe that it was really good."

Responding to the episode on social media, fans slammed Bouziane's performance, with some branding it "the worst" in the show.

"I think that might have been one of the worst performances from a PM in recent years from Noor #TheApprentice," one wrote.

Noor Bouziane

Bouziane's performance was slammed as one of the 'worst'


"How did Noor watch that abysmal advert and constantly say “I think it’s a really good advert” when every single person kept telling her it’s horrendous?! One of the worst single performances I’ve ever seen on the show #TheApprentice," someone else penned.

Another added: "Noor didn’t speak for 7 weeks, opened her mouth finally, showed herself to be one of the worst candidates ever and eliminated without even being given the chance to bring 2 other people back with her because she was that terrible. #TheApprentice."

"Just caught up on this weeks #TheApprentice My only question is how comes it’s took so long for Noor to be eliminated. Tre seems like a really laid back guy even he was losing it. I think Noor would find it difficult to run a bath," another fumed.

A different viewer commented: "The fact that Sugar didn't even ask who Noor was bringing back #TheApprentice," with someone else sharing: "Sir Alan Sugar not needing to bring 3 back in the boardroom last night on #TheApprentice because Noor was so awful."

The show is currently in its 18th series, but a former contestant has claimed the series has "had its day".

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