US hot weather: ‘Heat warning’ issued in several states amid ‘sweltering’ heatwave

US heat map May 2024

An ‘early heat advisory’ has been issued across the southern US

Nathan Rao

By Nathan Rao

Published: 20/05/2024

- 12:00

Heat from the Gulf of Mexico will bring high temperatures to southern states

An ‘intense’ heatwave pushing temperatures past 110F in parts of America threatens one of hottest starts to summer ever recorded.

Southern Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and surrounding regions have been put under an early ‘Heat Advisory’ warning.

‘Sweltering temperatures’ through the start of the week could topple monthly records and supercharge a deadly storm assault.

Scorching winds hitting parched ground to the south will bring the added risk of wildfires, experts warn.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services and US correspondent, said: “We are looking at fierce heat in the forecast, especially during the second half of the week, coming up from the south and pushing temperatures past the 110F-mark.

“Although we are going into summer, it is still relatively early to see these sorts of temperatures, but they are likely to continue.”

Intense storm hits Houston

Intense storm hits Houston


Blowtorch heat will blast in from the Gulf of Mexico bringing the highest temperatures to southern states, he warned.

By the end of the week, most of the country will be sweltering with just the northwest dodging the furnace, he added.

He said: “This is going to turn into a proper heat blast, and I expect around two-thirds of the country to be affected by the end of the week.

“Where there is very dry ground, this will serve as a fuel for wildfires, which will be a risk as these temperatures rise.

“The fire is usually started by lightning, or arson or other means, but with dry winds and the grass almost like straw, this will be a risk.”


The National Weather Service (NOAA) has a ‘red-flag’ wildfire warning in force across Northern and Central New Mexico.

Separate ‘heat advisories’ have been issued in west Texas and Florida while neighbouring Texas, and in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, are under air pollution alerts.

A spokesman for the NOAA said: “Through the next couple of days, intense Summer-like heat will continue over portions of South Florida and from southern Texas into the southern High Plains.

“Highs in the 90Fs with high humidity for areas closer to the coast will bring heat indices into the 105F to 110F-degree range, with a Heat Advisory in effect for South Florida

“Sweltering heat continues across South Florida and southern Texas while expanding into the southern High Plains, and some record-tying or record-breaking temperatures are possible.”

NOAA wildfire warnings

NOAA wildfire warnings


Meanwhile, damaging storms continue to rage through the country, with experts warning of more to come.

A massive thunderstorm last week unleashed hurricane-strength winds toppling trees and damaging buildings.

AccuWeather chief meteorologist Jon Porter said: “This line of thunderstorms produced significant damage in the Houston metropolitan area as it evolved into a destructive windstorm when it entered the north-western Houston suburbs and raced into the downtown area.

“The core of the damaging winds crossed some of the most populated parts of the Houston metropolitan area with many buildings and infrastructure susceptible to the devastating winds.

“This compounded the impact of the intense windstorm.”

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