'How do we know it isn't cloud seeding?!' Jim Dale and Ben Leo in HEATED debate over cause of Dubai floods

'How do we know it isn't cloud seeding?!' Jim Dale and Ben Leo in HEATED debate over cause of Dubai floods

Jim Dales warning on climate change

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 19/04/2024

- 14:54

The torrential downpours caused traffic to grind to a standstill, flight cancellations, school closures as well as at least 14 deaths

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Meteorologist and social commentator Jim Dale entered into a heated debate with GB News host Ben Leo as he argued that the Government needs to do more about its "long term plan" for extreme weather due to the Dubai flash flooding earlier this week.

The city has faced torrential downpours that caused traffic to grind to a standstill, flight cancellations, school closures as well as at least 14 deaths.

Ben argued that this could be the impact of cloud seeding, which is a weather modification technique that Dubai are known to be using. Cloud seeding is when substances are dispersed into the air to encourage cloud condensation or ice crystals to form thereby inducing rain.

Speaking to GB News, Dale explained: "The Government has been slack for a long time. If they are not slack then they are going backwards. I'm going to give you one word actually because I think that there is a line in the sand that happened in the last few days and that is Dubai.

Flooding in Dubai

Flooding and heavy rain have caused chaos in Dubai


"A huge event to a very modern city they have had cataclysmic type flooding. Twenty odd people dead. And this isn't the first place to go down with, this type of event, but it is a major city.

"When you get this type of event happening in a very modern city and the infrastructure is not quite in the right place it's a massive, massive warning going forward. And I think this is what the MPs have tagged on to, not just this event."


GB News host Ben Leo asked him: " You and I both know Dubai has been messing around with weather modification. They've been cloud seeding, which for anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's basically trying to encourage and creating artificial rain. So how do we know that this is flooding?"

The climate commentator responded: "It actually makes no difference. Cloud seeding is a very localised thing, generally speaking it is just a few fields here or there, a small region.

"I've looked at the meteorology. This was everything to do with the Arabian Sea at record temperatures, pushing up very warm, humid air meeting colder air coming across Saudi Arabia. It was the convergence of the two air masses that create very slow moving, massive, massive thunderstorms fueled by excess temperatures.

"We're going to see more of this, make this absolutely clear. I've been on this station many times talking about this subject, and you know full well that this isn't going anywhere tomorrow.

Jim Dale

Jim Dale warned that the government isn't prepared for extreme weather

GB News

"That is why the MPs are concerned that this government is, in a way, moving to more towards the Reform UK. It is in such denial and is building a big wall.

Ben asked: "No one denies the climate is changing, but how many more tax pounds or civil liberties do you want us to give up?"

Dale responded: "How many do you want to lose? Because the loss is going to be bigger than anything that we spend. And that's the point, that's not just my words."

"We're already seeing it around the world. Eyes wide open, not eyes wide closed. We've got to be seeing what's going on, not just in our own country, which sometimes it gets us, sometimes it doesn't. But that was a message in a Bottle in Dubai it was a massive warning."

Dubai flooding

At least 14 people died in the floods


Cloud seeding is a contentious topic due to concerns about its environmental impact, effectiveness, and ethical implications.

Critics worry about the unintended consequences of introducing foreign substances into the atmosphere, potentially affecting air quality and ecosystems.

There are debates about whether cloud seeding disrupts natural weather patterns and whether its benefits outweigh the risks.

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