UK hot weather: Britons to bask in glorious four-day 27C heat blast following lashing storms

Brighton beach superimposed with weather map

Eastern regions are expected to hit highs of around 27C

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 22/08/2023

- 14:14

Southern and Eastern regions will feel the heat the most

Britain is set to be hit with a four-day heatwave with temperatures to soar to 27C, following days of stormy weather.

The Met Office predicts this week to be dry for England and Wales from Tuesday onwards, with mercury expected to soar in some areas.

This comes after Britain has been tackling Storm Betty, which brought heavy rain and wind over the weekend.

Southern and eastern regions will feel the heat the most, expected to experience dry and warm conditions during the four days.

Sunbather in London

The warm weather will also be felt in London, with highs of 25C


East Anglia is expected to see the hottest temperatures, with highs of around 27C.

London will also see plenty of sun, with temperatures as high as 25C up until Thursday.

The heatwave won’t stretch across the whole of the UK unfortunately, with rain expected in the north.

The Met Office said that the showers could be particularly heavy, though sunshine is likely to pierce through the rain.

The forecaster said: “Remaining largely dry and warm across southern and eastern parts with some bright or sunny spells. Changeable across northern and western areas with a mix of sunshine and showers.”

In Northern Ireland and Scotland, windy conditions are expected throughout the day, with temperatures expected to peak at 20C.

The BBC forecast predicts for Tuesday: “Tomorrow, sharp showers will continue in Scotland but will generally fall lighter and will be more scattered in nature. Cloudy with the odd shower in central areas, plenty of sunshine in the south.”

The warmer weather in parts of the UK should be a welcome relief to Brits who have had to endure the effects of Storm Betty in recent days.

People shielding themselves from the rain

This comes after Britain has been tackling Storm Betty, which brought heavy rain and wind over the weekend


In the Republic of Ireland, the storm led to fierce winds which caused damage to the power network on Friday.

This affected over 70,000 homes, farms, and businesses.

Storm Betty is the second storm the UK has faced this August after Storm Antoni reared its head at the beginning of the month.

This is the second instance of two storms occurring in August, the first being Storm Ellen and Storm Francis in August 2020.

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