Expat shares what he ‘hates’ about living in Spain – ‘it’s my arch nemesis’

James from Spain Revealed

An expat shared one thing he does not enjoy about life in Spain

YouTube / Spain Revealed
Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 14/02/2024

- 18:18

Updated: 14/02/2024

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An expat shared one thing he 'hates' about living in Spain - and it's very popular

Spain is an extremely popular holiday destination among Britons. It is also a popular choice for those who want to relocate somewhere warmer.

The sunny European haven offers something for everyone, whether it's bustling cities, vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine, or lazy days on the beach, scenic wanders and excellent shopping.

However, nowhere is perfect and one expat revealed one aspect of Spanish life that may not be overly pleasant to everyone - the canned white asparagus.

James, who has lived in Spain for 12 years, shared that while he "really loves living in Spain", some things about it seriously bother him.

The expat shared that he "hates white canned asparagus", which is often served at Christmas.

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Canned white asparagus

'If I had an arch nemesis, it would be canned white asparagus'

YouTube / Spain Revealed

James revealed that while he loves Christmas in Spain, including the festive traditions and lots of tasty foods on offer, it "always takes a turn for the worst when these guys pop up".

He said: "If I had an arch nemesis, it would be canned white asparagus."

The expat shared that this dish is served on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve - or both.

If the white canned asparagus isn't bad enough for James, it is served with a "big, gooey dollop of mayonnaise".

The Spanish resident added that he tends to be in the minority, as other people at the dinner table "groan at how delicious they are".

Moving to a different country may mean eating lots of different foods you may not be used to.

This is definitely something Britons should be aware of if they are relocating to Spain or any other country.

Expat James shared another aspect of living in Spain that he "hates", stating: "I think it's something that would drive you crazy too."

White asparagus and mayonnaise

The expat said that things 'take a turn for the worse' when this dish is presented


He said: "I love how gregarious Spanish culture is. This is a country where people will stop and chat, spend time without looking at their watch, and be really, really happy in your company.

"But there's an aspect of this gregariousness that I just can't handle and it's called 'the long Spanish goodbye'."

The expat claimed that at social events, Spanish people are unable to say goodbye quickly. Rather, they take ages to bid farewell to others and leave the function.

But despite the white canned asparagus and long Spanish goodbyes, Spain is still a stunning option for Britons who want to move abroad.

Expats can live in a 'bustling yet affordable' part of Spain for £550 a month - it's 'full of amazing bars, restaurants and beaches'.

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