Aldi launches nearly 50 new stores in Spain in a win for British expats and tourists

Aldi launches nearly 50 new stores in Spain in a win for British expats and tourists

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 22/01/2024

- 16:43

Aldi supermarket has announced an expansion that will affect Britons in Spain

Aldi started in Germany but has stores all over the world, with Aldi Nord operating in countries including Portugal and Spain, and Aldi Süd operating in the likes of Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.

The popular supermarket's latest venture is an expansion across Spain, with nearly 50 new stores opening in 2024.

This is great news for expats who have relocated to Spain, and tourists who are visiting the sunny country on holiday.

It is also exciting for Spanish residents, who will benefit from more access to the cost-conscious supermarket.

Aldi in Spain

Aldi will be opening nearly 50 stores in Spain this year


The CEO of Aldi, Valentín Lumbreras, commented on the expansion announcement.

He said: "We maintain Aldi's commitment to growth in Spain and to offering families a quality, simple purchasing option at the best possible price.

"Years ago we activated an ambitious expansion plan that we maintain and that is allowing us to increase our presence in Spain in a continuous and sustained manner.

"In 2024 we continue to create stable and quality employment throughout the territory and ensure a trusted purchasing option with guaranteed savings for all households thanks to our own brand and our commitment to the national product."

Locations for Aldi store openings in 2024

  • Andalusia
  • Community of Madrid
  • Catalonia
  • Valencian Community
  • Basque Country
  • Galicia
  • Cantabria
  • Castilla y León
Aldi in Spain

There are currently 435 Aldi establishments in Spain


There are currently 435 Aldi establishments in the country and more than seven million customers.

The new 50 stores will be in the Canary Islands, Andalucia, Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencian community, Basque Country, Galicia, Cantabria and Castilla y León, with a new distribution centre in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos).

The expansion in Spain should be a win for expats who will consider the supermarket to be a home comfort.

An expat who lived in Portugal said that the "settling in process can be a bit shocking", and that expats will sometimes struggle to get used to a new supermarket layout.

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