Expat warns why moving to Portugal might not be for everyone - 'it can be a bit shocking'

Expat warns why moving to Portugal might not be for everyone - 'it can be a bit shocking'
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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 15/01/2024

- 14:13

Two expats shared why Portugal may not be the best country to move to

Portugal is a beautiful country, and with over 300 days of sunshine per year, it's perfect for those who love sun, sea and sand.

It provides a low cost of living and a laid-back lifestyle, although there are plenty of places to let loose and have a party.

For those who have family and friends in the UK, it's also just a short flight away from home.

However, despite its many advantages, Portugal might not be the ideal place for every expat. Two people who moved there shared getting settled in can be "shocking".

Josh and Kalie from Expats Everywhere

Two expats revealed why Portugal might not be the best country for everyone

YouTube / Expats Everywhere

Expats Josh and Kalie revealed that a simple trip to the supermarket could prove to be a little trickier in Portugal.

Kalie pointed out that people are very used to their own local supermarket, including which products they stock and where they are laid out.

She suggested that expats in Portugal may move there and find themselves traipsing around their new supermarket wondering where everything is.

She said: "Just trying to learn that stuff again, it's the settling in process that can be a bit shocking."

In a similar vein, those moving to Portugal may find that the creature comforts they are so used to at home are not very common.

As with moving anywhere new, relocating to Portugal might mean making compromises.

The expats also noted that people who don't love Portuguese food might struggle a little - especially if they aren't living in the big cities.

Josh said: "I think that if you come here and Portuguese food isn't for you - and you are living in a smaller place - good luck."

Portugal beach

Portugal is perfect for those who love sun, sea and sand


Kalie added: "That's going to be really hard because you just don't find as much variety if you're not in the cities."

According to the expats, not loving Portuguese food is not a deal-breaker, but it's best to "adapt a little bit" and find a few traditional local dishes that you enjoy.

"So if you're the type of person that likes to go out and you like international cuisine, but you also like living in a small town, Portugal's not going to work," Josh concluded on YouTube channel Expats Everywhere.

Those who have food allergies, are gluten free or are vegan or vegetarian should be mindful that while Portugal is catching up, "it's just not there yet", particularly in smaller places.

This comes as one expat in Spain warned Britons why they might not be given "the time of day".

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