NordVPN will end 67% price crash and FREE Uber Eats voucher tomorrow — time is ticking on tasty VPN deal

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Aaron Brown

By Aaron Brown

Published: 19/03/2024

- 00:01

Updated: 12/04/2024

- 16:08

Discount celebrates 12-years since NordVPN launched worldwide

  • Latest NordVPN discount will end on March 20
  • NordVPN is celebrating its 12th birthday with67% off its award-winning VPN
  • When you subscribe to a two-year plan, you'll also earn a free Uber Eats voucher
  • NordVPN is handing out £10, £20, and £30 vouchers based on our chosen plan

NordVPN will bring its best VPN deal to a close tomorrow (Wednesday March 20), so time is running out to secure the 67% discount and free £30 code to spend on Uber Eats. Best of all, the giveaway is available to new and returning customers.

The tasty saving was launched to celebrate 12 years since NordVPN made its debut globally. The award-winning Virtual Private Network is available on a slew of popular devices, including iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Fire TV, and Linux, to name just a few.

The tasty giveaway (a first of its kind for the brand) is only available on two-year subscriptions, which offer the lowest monthly bills.

If you’ve not used NordVPN before and are worried about that level of commitment, the company offers a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee on all its subscriptions, so you can use the first month like a free trial.

NordVPN offers free tiers: Standard, Plus, and Ultimate.

All of these plans unlock access to its award-winning Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, ad blocker, and malware protection.

Upgrading to Plus or Ultimate will include its password manager NordPass, which encrypts and stores your login details across your devices and warns about any data breaches that impact your personal information. Finally, Ultimate is the only subscription that also bundles 1TB of encrypted cloud storage for your files, photos, and backups, known as NordLocker.

The value of the Uber Eats voucher will depend on your NordVPN plan — a Standard subscription will earn you a £10 takeaway voucher, Plus comes with £20, and Ultimate unlocks £30. Once you've added the voucher to the Uber Eats website or app, you'll be able to order anything from your favourite local takeaway and get it delivered to your address.

The promotion, which has launched to mark the 12th year since NordVPN launched on the market, will only be available until March 20, 2024.

It’s limited to customers in the UK, Canada, the United States, and Australia. NordVPN customers in countries outside of the UK can expect vouchers worth $10, $20, or $30 with the Standard, Plus, and Ultimate subscriptions.

For those who don’t know, Virtual Private Networks – more often referred to simply as VPNs – create a tunnel for everything you do online, shielding your website history and personal information from prying eyes. Since everything routed through this tunnel is encrypted, it’s impossible for your broadband provider, advertisers, or hackers to keep tabs on what you’re doing.

It’s the reason that employers usually insist that you switch on a VPN when working remotely on a company laptop. But providers like NordVPN offer that same enterprise-level protection to your personal devices and web browsing.

line drawing that demonstrates how the end to end encryption in vpns works

NordVPN provides the following illustration to show how VPNs work and why that shields your information and browsing habits from your broadband provider and hackers


Without a VPN, security experts compare going online to sending a postcard – your message is easily visible as it passes through the system to get to the intended recipient. By turning on a VPN, you’re adding a metaphorical envelope to that postcard, keeping everything shielded from view until it lands in the right hands.

But using a VPN isn’t just about privacy and protection.

Whenever your devices connect to the internet, it's assigned an IP address, which includes information like the name of your broadband supplier and a rough approximation of your location.

This is what enables websites to find the takeaways or stores nearest to your current location.

Several streaming services use this location data to adjust the library of titles available to you (usually based on the licencing deals struck in each country) or block its service entirely.

VPNs allow you to manually change your IP address by routing your traffic via one of thousands of server locations scattered around the globe. This can change the films, documentaries, and shows available to watch on your Netflix or Prime Video app. It can also unblock the likes of Hulu, Max (née HBO Max), Sky Go, ITVX, and BBC iPlayer when travelling.

You’ll just need to check the small-print of each streamer to make sure you’re not breaking the rules by spoofing your location to unlock more shows to watch.

NordVPN, which has sponsored Atlético de Madrid and Ipswich Town, is one of a number of critically lauded Virtual Private Network providers operating in the UK. Google and Apple also offer some limited VPN features with paid subscriptions.

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