Taylor Swift controversy with NFL fans enraged over attention amid rumoured Travis Kelce romance

Taylor Swift NFL

Taylor Swift was in attendance to watch Kansas beat New York in the NFL on Sunday night

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 02/10/2023

- 11:24

The pop star is currently in the spotlight after reportedly striking up a new romance

NFL fans have taken to social media to fume over the fanfare surrounding Taylor Swift amid her rumoured romance with new boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The pop star turned up at the MetLife Stadium to watch Kansas City Chiefs beat the New York Jets.

Kelce plays for Kansas, with the NFL outfit currently top of the AFC West Conference.

But many fans on social media were unhappy at NBC regularly showing Swift in the stands, instead of focusing on the match itself.

Taylor Swift NFL

Taylor Swift was in the stands but NFL fans are unhappy at the attention she's receiving


"New drinking game. Every time they mention Taylor Swift during Sunday Night Football commentary take a drink. JK you will die," user Lauren O'Neil said on X.

"These Taylor Swift cutaways during Chiefs games have got to go," said David Caltabiano.

A third user named Heidi replied to that post by saying: "Yes! I almost didn't watch tonight for that exact reason."

She added: "I just turned it off. The @Chiefs are my AFC team and I usually love watching them, but I just can't.

"Leave the celeb stalking to @TMZ."

Tomi Lahren ranted: "The wall-to-wall coverage of Taylor Swift at this game is annoying AF.

"I don’t even like football and I agree it’s destroying football. Just enough."

Ralique Velez made his feelings clear by saying: "Taylor Swift getting too much coverage I’m sorry."

And Cor Cash said: "The Taylor Swift NFL coverage is excessive, we don’t care - this is not MTV."

Kelce was later spotted leaving the stadium on his own, instead of with Swift.

It was the pop star's second NFL appearance in a week, having previously watched Kansas beat Chicago Bears the previous Sunday.

Other A-list celebrities were in attendance, too.

Swift was snapped sitting next to Ryan Reynolds, with the Wrexham owner applauding from the stands.

Hugh Jackman was there too, with the Australian currently working with Reynolds on the upcoming Marvel film 'Deadpool 3'.

Blake Lively, Reynolds' wife, sat alongside her husband.

And Sophie Turner was there as well, with the Brit recently splitting up with husband Joe Jonas.

Kelce, meanwhile, was recently asked about his relationship with Swift.

And he joked that his personal life wasn't too personal these days due to the attention he and the singer are getting.

“Yeah, my personal life — that's not so personal,” he said.

“And I want to respect both of our lives.


NFL Travis Kelce

NFL star Travis Kelce is rumoured to be in a relationship with Taylor Swift


"She’s not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week.”

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