Luke Littler sets record straight on real age rumours as darts fever grips UK

Luke Littler sets record straight on real age rumours as darts fever grips UK

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 05/01/2024

- 09:37

The teenager is the talk of the country following his brilliant performances at the World Darts Championship

Luke Littler has set the record straight over his real age, insisting he 'knows he's 16' despite mischievous rumours online.

The teenager is in the spotlight after his sensational performances at the recent World Darts Championship.

Littler made the final of the prestigious tournament after securing big victories over icons such as Raymond van Barneveld and Rob Cross.

He was, however, unable to secure glory with Luke Humphries beating the youngster at Alexandra Palace on Wednesday night.

Luke Littler

Luke Littler has shut down rumours he's not 16 as darts fever grips the UK


Littler already has a beard, despite being just 16.

He has had to contend with rumours online suggesting he's lying about his age, with some even accusing the darts star of being in his 30s.

But Littler isn't bothered by the speculation and insists he doesn't pay it any attention.

"It's been going on for years," he told the BBC.

"When I was 14, they were saying, 'He's not 14, he's not 15'.

"But I'm not bothered. I know I'm 16.

"It's been going on for years, but I just block it out, laugh at them, don't even reply to them, don't give them the airtime."

Littler's mother, Lisa, has had to put up with the accusations for a number of years.

She previously took to Facebook in February 2022 to shut down rumours, saying some 'absolute k***' had started spreading false information.

"Sat here thinking how much Luke's got his head on his shoulders, how mature he is, how many kids his age smoke, drink, even smoke weed," she said.

"There was a little rumour going around, not sure how it started, but some absolute k*** who clearly doesn't know Luke or us said he needs to drink before he plays darts.

"We can assure you he doesn't.

"He's not a fan of booze, just the occasional blue WKD at Christmas etc."

Leanne Seddon, Lisa's cousin, says parents of other darts players 'started a rumour' about his age.

"Some years ago when he was winning everything, other parents of young players started a rumour he was lying about his age," she said.


Luke Littler

Luke Littler's darts performances have captivated the world


"To enter a competition you have to give proof of age, but that didn't stop them.

"It was pure jealousy and nastiness by adults attacking a young teenager on social media.

"To stop the hate his parents posted proof of his age back then.

"And yes again there are some who are saying they seriously think he's lying.

"Whether they really believe that or not I don't know.

Luke Humphries

Luke Littler lost to Luke Humphries in the final of the World Darts Championship on Wednesday night


"Some just like to say outlandish stuff on social media for attention, a laugh, or to cause trouble or hate."

A copy of Littler's birth certificate has been released amid the ongoing rumours.

It proves the teenager is 16, and not older as trolls have suggested.

Darts fever has gripped the UK following Littler's exploits at Ally Pally.

And the sport is set to continue to grow now it has a new poster boy.

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