Ali Carter makes feelings crystal clear on moving on from Ronnie O'Sullivan feud - 'Don't know what happened'

Ali Carter makes feelings crystal clear on moving on from Ronnie O'Sullivan feud - 'Don't know what happened'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 17/01/2024

- 11:38

The two men recently faced off in the final of the Masters, with the Rocket reigning supreme

Snooker star Ali Carter has revealed he wants to 'move on' from his feud with Ronnie O'Sullivan.

The two men have been in the headlines ever since Sunday's dramatic Masters final, which O'Sullivan won 10-7.

After that showdown, the Rocket launched into a blistering tirade and vented his fury at his opponent.

He said Carter needed to 'sort his f*****g life out' and also stuck up his middle finger at a press conference.

Ali Carter

Ali Carter wants to 'move on' from Ronnie O'Sullivan feud after his defeat in the final of the Masters


Carter is confused by the feud, having sparked anger from his rival by accusing him of 'snotting all over' the floor of Alexandra Palace.

And the 44-year-old has now revealed his next course of action is to simply 'move on' from the ordeal.

Furthermore, the snooker star admitted he was confused over their feud with the duo 'previously close'.

“No, I’m afraid not," he said when asked if there was an incident where their animosity stems from, per the Daily Record.

“I just want to move on.

"He can rant off if he wants, that’s fine. I’ll take it on the chin and carry on.

"That’s the sensible thing to do as a professional sportsman I think.

"We were quite friendly when we were younger, I don’t really know what happened.

"I learned a lot off him. Who wouldn’t learn a lot of him?

"He’s the greatest player of all time. There’s no doubt about that.”

His comments came after Carter had said he felt 'sorry' for O'Sullivan - and suggested the 48-year-old was 'not well, mentally'.

“I actually feel a bit sorry for him," he said.

"I don’t think he’s that well, mentally. He says different things on different days.

"I don’t think even he knows what’s going to come out of his mouth on certain days.

"He’s entitled to his opinion of me and I’ve got my opinion of him.


Ali Carter Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ali Carter lost to Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final of the Masters on Sunday


"I know what I saw, I speak facts and that’s what it is.

"It’s [rant] a bit uncalled for, but it’s what you’d expect I’d say.”

Former snooker star Alan McManus, meanwhile, thinks their feud stems from O'Sullivan previously taking Carter 'under his wing'.

Speaking on ITV 4, he said: "Well tensions were running high, it's a very hot atmosphere in Ally Pally [at the Masters].

"Myself and Ken [Doherty] were obviously there.

Ali Carter Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ali Carter 'doesn't really know what happened' amid his feud with Ronnie O'Sullivan


"Tensions can boil over, there is history between the two, they've kind of grown up together.

"Ronnie I think took Ali under his wing in some way a number of years ago and he felt a bit wronged on both sides of it.

"But it shows the importance and the tension that's going on at these big events."

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