Molly-Mae hates Tommy Fury boxing as candid confession made ahead of KSI showdown

Molly Mae Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury has opened up ahead of his blockbuster boxing showdown with KSI on Saturday night

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 14/10/2023

- 10:15

The two men will step into the ring in Manchester's AO Arena on Saturday night

Tommy Fury has admitted his celebrity fiancee, Molly-Mae, hates him boxing.

But the former Love Island star is too passionate about the sport to stop and is eager to prove a point when he steps into the ring to face KSI on Saturday night.

Fury and Molly have been in a relationship ever since 2019. They have since welcomed a baby girl, Bambi, who was born earlier this year.

And the boxer has now admitted his partner hates him getting punched - but 'tolerates' it because he knows what it means to her.

Tommy Fury Molly Mae

Molly-Mae hates Tommy Fury boxing but former Love Island star is too passionate to stop


"She doesn't like me boxing," the 24-year-old candidly confessed ahead of his fight with KSI tonight.

"Especially now we have a baby.

"She is looking at the father of her child getting in the ring and potentially getting hurt and getting punched.

"It's not nice. I am pretty sure any partner if you have one, you wouldn't like to see him getting beaten up.

"It is what it is. Boxing is a funny game. She tolerates it because she knows how happy it makes me."

As a Fury, Tommy has plenty to live up to.

His brother, Tyson, is one of the best heavyweights in the sport's entire history.

John Fury, his father, is a brilliant boxer as well - even though he's now famous for the way he conducts himself at events.

But the youngster isn't burdened by the pressure. He instead insists he embraces it - and is out to do the family name proud.

"It's absolutely fine and I will tell you why," he said when asked about the expectations on his shoulders.

"I know I am levels above these guys.

"When you know you can beat someone, it's a different story. In my mind, this is not 50/50 at all. I am 100 times better than KSI.

"I am the better athlete, the better fighter, the mover. Whatever you want to say, I am.

"I have had all this pressure before. It's not this is my first massive occasion. I have been on this world stage before, with all eyes on the fight.

"I have had Ronaldo ringside. I've had Mike Tyson ringside. I have had everybody.

"It's really my second time at this. I am looking to put on a much better performance this time.

"I am looking to get KSI out of there early and make a statement."

Misfits Boxing is seen by some as a stain on the sport.

In recent years, more and more YouTubers have opted to step into the ring - with KSI, Logan Paul and Jake Paul among them.

Yet while Fury is critical of his opponents, he's admitted he's happy to take the money on offer.

"These fights are financially fantastic," he added. "We're not going to beat around the bush here.

"We all know that is why I am doing these fights.

"If it wasn't [financially fantastic] do you really think I would be entertaining these idiots?

"I don't like the circus that goes with it. I am about the fighting. So, at the end of the day, if I wasn't paid a lot of money to be here I wouldn't be.


Tommy Fury KSI

Tommy Fury is raring to go ahead of his boxing showdown with KSI


"I would be sticking to the traditional boxing route. So, that's the reason I am here. I am here to end all of this and continue on to become a world champion."

On Misfits Boxing, he continued: "It's a load of s***. I am just here passing the time.

"Doing the media, doing what I am obligated to do in my contract.

"I have all the fun in the ring. That's where I shine.

"For them [YouTubers], it's the talking. The build-up and selling the fight is their domain.

"For me, it's in between the ropes, getting down to it.

"The rest is just s***. It doesn't mean a thing. Once they get in the ring, they have no where to run."

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