Gary Neville sparks furious backlash for comments about Liverpool and VAR after Tottenham controversy

Gary Neville

Gary Neville has been slammed by Liverpool fans following the club's defeat to Tottenham on Saturday night

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 02/10/2023

- 09:33

The former Manchester United star has been vocal on social media

Gary Neville has been criticised by fans online for comments made about VAR following Liverpool's 2-1 defeat to Tottenham on Saturday night.

There was controversy in north London after a goal from Luis Diaz was wrongly chalked off for offside.

PGMOL have since recognised they made a mistake and Liverpool have released a furious statement calling for further action to be taken.

On X, Neville defended the officials and has accused Liverpool of being 'dangerous' with the wording of their statement.

"Jurgen Klopp handled the situation well last night after the game," said the former Manchester United star.

"Most football fans will have had empathy with what happened and recognised it was wrong!

"However Liverpool's statement tonight is a mistake!

"Talk of exploring all options ( what does that mean!!! ) and sporting integrity are dangerous phrases along with being vague and aggressive.

"Sorry we f@@@@d up was enough!! I said this last night. Sorry should be respected and not undervalued.

"This is a snap reaction that can always be wrong but I feel strongly about it."

Fans on the platform aren't happy with Neville's comments, however, and have made their feelings clear.

"Incorrect Gary. This is a shake up moment," said one user named Jimi.

John Gibbons said: "Why do you keep saying they have apologised? They haven't.

"Kelly Cates corrected you last night and yet you are still peddling it.

"Maybe if they did actually apologise it might help? Worth a go!"

Nicholas Nugent stated: "Come on now Gary Neville be sensible this shows a frustration with the authorities and their decision making over a period of time."

Zubin Daver weighed in by saying: "A sorry that can cost us the title. A sorry is not enough at all.

"We want to see some accountability. It needs to get fixed. Today Liverpool suffered, tomorrow other teams WILL 100 per cent SUFFER cause of them.

"Liverpool will lead the charge for change. I love it!"

Even a Manchester United fan account named Utd Faithfuls went against Neville as well.

"Problem is, they say 'sorry' pretty much every week while costing teams points and damaging the league," they said.

"So, at what point are they going to be held accountable? Or they'll just keep getting away with it because they apologise?"

And Arsenal fan account @SemperFiArsenal had a similar reaction, adding: "So the officials can just keep making mistakes and saying sorry with zero consequences??

"And officiating is a talking point almost every gameweek.


Liverpool Luis Diaz Tottenham

Liverpool star Luis Diaz had a goal controversially chalked off by VAR during the club's defeat to Tottenham on Saturday night


"Best league in the world, best players, managers but have the worst referees. We deserve better officiating."

Liverpool's defeat to Tottenham was a tough one for Jurgen Klopp to take. But the German refused to criticise the officials and admitted that human mistakes can be made.

"When you see [the offside goal] back it's really clear. Nobody did it on purpose," he said.

"Whatever I say here just creates headlines."

He did, however, add: "The offside goal. That is not offside when you see it, they drew their lines wrong. The ball is between Mo's [Salah's] legs, they drew the line wrong and didn't judge the moment when Mo passed the ball right. It is so tough to deal with it."

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