Nike's stance on St George's Cross controversy revealed with England set to wear kit at Euro 2024

Nike's stance on St George's Cross controversy revealed with England set to wear kit at Euro 2024

WATCH NOW: Peter Shilton fumes over St George's Cross controversy

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 27/03/2024

- 12:35

The sportswear giants have faced a backlash for a 'playful update' on the new home shirt

Nike expect the controversy surrounding the new England home shirt to quieten down by the time Euro 2024 takes place this summer, reports say.

The sportswear giants recently sparked a backlash after changing the colours of the St George's Cross on the new England jersey.

Instead of being red with a white background, the cross now has purple and blue colours instead.

Several ex-players, including Peter Shilton, David Seaman and Chris Sutton, have condemned Nike for their decision to change things up.

England St George's Cross

England wore the controversial St George's Cross on their new home shirt for the first time on Saturday night


But Nike have refused to recall the home shirt, which is believed to be selling well.

According to the Daily Mail, 'well-placed sources' admit that Nike were taken aback by the controversy, having not expected to receive any criticism.

Yet there's said to be a 'growing belief' that the uproar will 'dissipate' long before Euro 2024 in the summer.

Nike, earlier in the week, insisted they hadn't meant to cause any offence by altering the St George's Cross.

"We have been a proud partner of the FA since 2012 and understand the significance and importance of the St George’s Cross," read a statement.

"And it was never our intention to offend, given what it means to England fans.

"Together with the FA, the intention was to celebrate the heroes of 1966 and their achievements.

"The trim on the cuffs takes its cues from the training gear worn by England’s 1966 heroes, with a gradient of blues and reds topped with purple.

"The same colours also feature an interpretation of the flag on the back of the collar."

The FA also released a statement.

And they backed Nike while making it clear they are 'very proud' of the England flag.

"The new England 2024 Home kit has a number of design elements which were meant as a tribute to the 1966 World Cup winning team," a spokesperson said.

"The coloured trim on the cuffs is inspired by the training gear worn by England’s 1966 heroes, and the same colours also feature on the design on the back of the collar.

"It is not the first time that different coloured St George’s cross-inspired designs have been used on England shirts.

"We are very proud of the red and white St George’s cross – the England flag.


England kit

Nike are expecting the England kit controversy to die down by the time Euro 2024 kicks off


"We understand what it means to our fans, and how it unites and inspires, and it will be displayed prominently at Wembley tomorrow – as it always is – when England play Brazil."

England boss Gareth Southgate was asked about the kit row prior to his side's 1-0 defeat to Brazil on Saturday.

And the 53-year-old admitted he opposed the changes to the St George's Cross, saying: "I think they can put a quirky design together but you can't say it's the flag of St George because it isn't.

"It's therefore something else.

"The most important thing on the England shirt is the Three Lions.

England Gareth Southgate

England boss Gareth Southgate criticised Nike for changing the colours of the St George's Cross


"That is the thing that is iconic, that differentiates us even from the England rugby team or the England cricket team."

He continued: "I am a huge patriot. I believe we should celebrate St George's Day more than we do.

"But the bit I understand is people don't think we should have changed the flag of St George.

"If it's changed then it isn't the flag of St George! So I'm a little bit lost with that element of it."

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