Luke Humphries makes feelings clear on Luke Littler after darts star angered opponent - 'He's got to learn'

Luke Humphries makes feelings clear on Luke Littler after darts star angered opponent - 'He's got to learn'

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 17/03/2024

- 11:30

The teenager has ruffled a few feathers in his first few months in professional darts

Luke Humphries insists Luke Littler has 'got to learn' as his whirlwind first year as a professional darts player continues.

Littler angered an opponent earlier this month for what has been dubbed as showboating but Humphries says he would be happy if the youngster attempts unorthodox methods against him.

Littler has already won three professional tournaments in 2024, hitting a nine-darter in each of them, and has made a solid start in the Premier League.

The 17-year-old has taken darts to a new level and introduced a whole new fanbase to the sport since bursting onto the scene at the World Championship.

Luke Humphries and Luke Littler

Luke Humphries says Luke Littler will learn as he gets more experience


However, he was involved in an altercation with Germany star Ricardo Pietreczko at the Belgian Darts Open last weekend.

After losing, Pietreczko claimed Littler showed 'arrogance' during the match.

It was thought that Pietreczko was unhappy at Littler when he took an unusual route in an attempt to take out 147.

The teenager tried to hit a treble 19, double 20 and then take out the bull to win the leg.

Humphries has dismissed any claims that Littler is arrogant but admits some of his finishing attempts are almost 'exhibition shots'.

The world No 1 says those shots will give him a better chance of beating Littler but he thinks he will learn with more experience.

Humphries said: "It's his first year in [the Premier League], he's got to learn. He's going to learn a lot.

"If he wants to be different on the stage and try more exhibition shots, let him do it.

"If he tried the same 147 against me as he did against Ricardo in Belgium, I’d be happy as it gives me more of a chance to win.

"Luke doesn’t let anyone influence him. There’s no arrogance, that’s just the way he is.

"He’s still learning his craft, and he might not be handling the pressure as everyone expects but he will certainly go on to win a couple of Premier League nights like me, I’m certain of that."

Littler beat Pietreczko to reach the final in Belgium before beating fellow Premier League star Rob Cross.


Luke Littler and Ricardo Pietreczko

Luke Littler clashed with Ricardo Pietreczko at the Belgian Darts Open


An angry Pietreczko confronted Littler on stage and posted a message on Instagram afterwards.

He wrote: "I really appreciate the fact that he can play a game like that at such an age. But I hope his arrogance punishes him."

Littler hit out at Pietreczko for letting it affect him, telling Sky Sports: "That game, I just, I didn't know what I did wrong but a lot of people were saying it was when I was on the 147 finish and I went for T19 and I tried going tops, bull, because I love tops and if I hit the tops I would have fancied myself for bull.

"But I missed it but then he let that get to him throughout the game and I had a job to do."

Luke Littler

Luke Littler has had a stunning start to his darts career


But Pietreczko has since issued an apology to Littler, writing: "Hi fans! I wanted to apologise for my behaviour on stage.

"I was really proud of reaching the semi-finals but got a little bit too emotional and overreacted in the game.

"Sorry Luke Littler and big respect for what you achieved! And usually I am also a fans of fancy checkouts."

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