Darts star Deta Hedman 'blown away' as message sent to fans after refusing to face transgender opponent

Darts star Deta Hedman 'blown away' as message sent to fans after refusing to face transgender opponent

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 08/05/2024

- 14:35

Updated: 08/05/2024

- 14:43

The 64-year-old has posted on social media

Darts star Deta Hedman has thanked fans for their support after refusing to play against transgender opponent Noa-Lynn van Leuven.

Hedman forfeited the Denmark Open over the weekend, telling Bild: "I'm not playing against a man in a women's event."

The 64-year-old has made it clear in the past that she opposes the idea of biological men playing against women.

Since refusing to face van Leuven, she has received widespread support.

And Hedman has now thanked fans on social media, saying: "Absolutely blown away by the best wishes from around the world I recieved , one good thing is that several high profile media now want to hear Women's views on the subject .

"Will try my best to get message across @SaveWSports."

Hedman has also been flooded with supportive messages, with one user saying: "You stood up for us all."

A second said: "Your actions were courageous, thank you xx."

A third messaged the darts star by saying: "So proud of your bravery, Deta! Cheering you on."

A fourth said: "You deserve all the support you get. Your strength is inspiring."

And another stated: "I am a mum of a 'trans-identified' son.

"I am not of his belief system but he never invades womens spaces or sports, or demands I deny his sex before, I get the usual abuse.

"Solidarity @Deta132. You did a good thing. We need to end this madness."

Hedman has continued to make her stance clear on the matter.

In another post on X, she said: "In the WDF we have a men's World C and a women's World champs, we also have a boys and a separate girls World champs, so we cater for all.

"In PDC it's an open comp where all can enter I played in it a few years ago and you know its open , so no problem playing men in open."

As for Van Leuven, the darts star was unable to win in Denmark.

She did, however, finish third.


Darts Deta Hedman

Darts star Deta Hedman has received widespread support after refusing to face transgender opponent Noa-Lynn van Leuven


And Van Leuven took to Instagram to say: "Unfortunately i was not able to defend my title, but im happy with a 3rd place!"

Her own fans were quick to praise her for the third-placed finish, with one saying: "Proud of you."

A second stated: "Unlucky keep on going you amazing darts player."

And a third enthused: "There is always a new match. You go Noa!"

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