Jake Paul accused of disrespecting Mike Tyson by boxing star - 'Let me wipe that smirk off his face'

Jake Paul accused of disrespecting Mike Tyson by boxing star - 'Let me wipe that smirk off his face'

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 11/04/2024

- 12:25

The duo will do battle on July 20 despite a huge 30-year age gap

Boxing star Lee McAllister has revealed he'd love to 'wipe that smirk' off the face of Jake Paul ahead of his fight with Mike Tyson.

And the Scot also feels Paul has been disrespectful to Tyson by choosing to fight a man 30 years his senior.

Paul is 27, while Tyson will be 58 by the time the duo meet at the AT&T Stadium in Texas on July 20.

Eddie Hearn has admitted he finds the fight 'disgusting', while Ricky Hatton has also criticised the two men for agreeing to a bout.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has been called out for 'disrespecting' Mike Tyson ahead of their boxing bout


McAllister would love to face Paul, having already knocked out Danny Williams - who beat Tyson back in 2004.

The Scot, per the Daily Record, said: "When people are talking or asking about this Jake Paul v Mike Tyson fight, I'm actually stunned that Jake would pick a 58-year-old man to try and make a name for himself.

"I'm not and would never disrespect Mike in his day, he was unbeatable in any era.

"Put this into perspective, I've knocked out the man who knocked out Mike Tyson so why doesn't he let me knock that smirk off his face?"

McAllister added: "You look at the bigger picture and Mike is 16 years my senior, I'm not the biggest guy in the world but I'm the oldest person in boxing history to hold a version of a lightweight world championship and step up all the way to heavyweight.

"That's history making on its own, I'm 41, Mike is 57, so why would Jake be wanting to make a name for himself off Mike by going and beating up an old man?

"I'd love to test Jake, I'm not an MMA fighter, I'm not an ex-wrestler, I'm a boxer!

"I would be going to win. I'd be more than happy to fight him one day in UK or USA, I would happily travel over there.

"The first thing that goes into boxing is resistance, the power will still be there - I think it's an exercise to try and make some money.

"It's a publicity type thing Jake's trying to do, I'm against YouTube boxing and the like - it's not my cup of tea.

"You have to take your hat off to Jake as he trains very hard, he actually looks like a boxer now.

"It's total disrespect for Mike Tyson - Mike's a boxing legend.

"If I was to make any money from fighting Jake Paul then it would go back to the Assassin Health and Village Gym in Aberdeen to help the kids and the next generation growing up."

Paul has spoken to Fox News to preview the fight.

And the 27-year-old believes Tyson is 'underestimating' him, while also expressing a belief his speed gives him an advantage.


Lee McAllister boxing

Boxing star Lee McAllister has admitted he'd love to fight Jake Paul


"Man, I think he's underestimating me," he said.

“I truly ... I truly think that. And it’s a heavyweight fight, so, you know, he’s the bigger man.

“But I’m the faster man. He’s the much stronger man, but I’m fresh. He’s experienced.

"I’m smart but in the ring he may be smarter, so it’s a really interesting matchup."

Paul does, however, expect Tyson to be a big test.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have been criticised for their upcoming boxing match


“He’s the bigger man so... he’s going to be getting inside," he added.

“I’m probably going to... gain weight for this fight.

“But I believe I have the faster feet and the faster hands. So I’m going to be working angles."

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