Sarah Ferguson breaks silence with first Instagram post since revealing skin cancer diagnosis

Sarah Ferguson breaks silence with first Instagram post since revealing skin cancer diagnosis

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 01/02/2024

- 22:50

The Duchess of York was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in January

Sarah Ferguson has posted her first Instagram post since receiving her skin cancer diagnosis after taking some time out to rest.

The duchess was diagnosed with malignant melanoma two weeks ago and urged Brits to stay alert to the signs of potentially cancerous moles.

Fergie posted a picture of a rainbow headband today and gave her thanks to healthcare members of the LGBT+ community.

Her post on Instagram read: “Hurray, it’s LGBTQ+ History Month! I am wearing my rainbow headbands today. In honour of the 2024 theme #UnderTheScope.”

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson posted on Instagram today to support medical workers


The hashtag, UnderTheScope, is the 2024 theme for LGBT+ History Month where the work of LGBT+ staff across the NHS and other healthcare settings will be celebrated.

Fergie continued: “I want to say a big thank you to the incredible work of the LGBTQ+ people’s contribution to healthcare and medicine.”

The Duchess of York received her skin cancer diagnosis within six months of undergoing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer.

Her post continued: “Your hard work and leadership in this field, which comes with its own injustices and inequalities, is incredibly valuable and deserves the utmost appreciation.”

Sarah FergusonSarah Ferguson was recently diagnosed with a malignant melanomaPA

In a previous statement, the duchess thanked a health clinic in Austria for “taking gentle care” of her following her diagnosis.

Mayrlife, a medical spa in Altaussee, Austria, has an incredible reputation for providing luxurious care for its guests.

Fergie finished off her post thanking staff again: “Thank you to all of the professionals, leaders, and aspiring leaders out there who are dedicating your lives to care and influencing change.”

The picture showed around five or six glitzy headbands with multicoloured gems sitting on a marble tabletop.

Rainbow headbands

Sarah Ferguson posted a photo of rainbow headbands on Instagram


\u200bSarah FergusonSarah Ferguson received treatment at a health clinic in Austria after her cancer diagnosis


Despite the shock diagnosis, the mother-of-two revealed that she was in “good spirits” and was grateful for all the love and support.

However, it was reported that the second cancer diagnosis was “distressing” for the duchess.

Dermatologists advised Ferguson about the condition after they removed several moles from her body while having reconstructive breast surgery last year.

The tests came through just days after Christmas revealing that one mole was malignant.

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