Queen Camilla! Symbolic moment nervous-looking royal is crowned at Coronation

Queen Camilla

Camilla was crowned at Westminster Abbey alongside the King

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Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 06/05/2023

- 12:33

Updated: 06/05/2023

- 13:23

For the first time, the consort's crown was recycled for a coronation

Camilla has been crowned alongside the King, in a symbolic moment for the new Queen.

The royal looked nervous as the crown was placed on her head.

The crowning is the climax of the rehabilitation of Camilla, who for years faced doubts about what title she would take when Charles took the throne.

As Charles's second wife, it was thought for years that the royal may never be known as Queen.

Queen Camilla

The Queen looked uneasy as the crown was placed on her head


But in February 2022, the late Queen Elizabeth II surprised the nation by announcing that Camilla would be known as Queen Consort when Charles III became King.

For the first time, a consort’s crown was today recycled for a coronation rather than a new one being created.

The Dean of Westminster handed Queen Mary’s Crown to the Archbishop of Canterbury, before the Archbishop said: “May thy servant Camilla, who wears this crown, be filled by thine abundant grace and with all princely virtues; reign in her heart, O King of love, that, being certain of thy protection, she may be crowned with thy gracious favour; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

After the crown was placed on her head, the Queen was seen adjusting her hair out of her face.

King Charles and Queen Camilla

Today was the first time that the consort's crown has been reused at a Coronation


Queen Camilla

The Queen's crown was last worn in 1937 by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother


She appeared uneasy during the historically significant moment.

As well as being crowned, the Queen was also presented with the Rod with Dove, and the Sceptre with Cross by Lord Chartres.

Queen Camilla acknowledged the rod and sceptre by touching them in turn, rather than holding them as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother did in 1937.

The Archbishop of Canterbury then said: “Receive the Royal Sceptre and the Rod of equity and mercy.
“May the Spirit guide you in wisdom and grace, that by your service and ministry justice and mercy may be seen in all the earth.”

Queen Camilla

The crowning was the climax in Camilla's rehabilitation


Buckingham Palace dropped the word "consort" from Camilla's title for the first time in Coronation invitations.

It was announced that the shorter title would be formally used following the ceremony.

The Palace updated their website to recognise Camilla as simply "Queen" earlier today.

More to follow...

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