Princess Mary's eldest son being braced for 'completely different' role after shock abdication

Princess Mary's eldest son being braced for 'completely different' role after shock abdication

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 04/01/2024

- 13:04

Prince Christian will be preparing for a new title and role in the Danish monarchy

Princess Mary's eldest son will be braced for a "completely different" role after Queen Margrethe's shock abdication, royal commentators have claimed.

Prince Christian celebrated his 18th birthday in October and announced his intentions to continue his education, and not become a working royal until the age of 21.

However, when his father Crown Prince Frederik becomes King on January 14, his title will become Crown Prince Christian.

He may also have to act as head of state when his father is unavailable to do so.

Princess Mary and Prince ChristianPrincess Mary's eldest son will be braced for 'completely different' role after shock abdication


Entertainment expert Fie West Madsen has predicted that Christian will start to receive a royal allowance if he takes on extra responsibilities.

She said: "The royal house has previously announced that Prince Christian would only receive an annuity later when he turned 21 - or upon a possible change of throne.

"The change of throne is happening now, and therefore it is natural to imagine that Prince Christian will of course also have far more obligations."

Madsen also told The Royal House behind-the-scenes podcast: "He will have a completely different role than was otherwise planned, and we must also expect that appanage will follow but how much or how little he has to take on depends entirely on what the Crown Prince couple wants."

Princess Mary, Prince Frederik and Prince Christian

Prince Christian announced he would be focusing on his studies after his 18th birthday


Royal commentator Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen said that Queen Margrethe's abdication will "undeniably" see Christian receive more official duties.

He said: "It is common for the heir to the throne to sit on the council so it's mostly just a formality.

"It is far more important that he was pushed to the front as a public figure on his 18th birthday."

Olden-Jørgensen also told the Danish publication DR: "Now the Crown Prince and Crown Princess are in the driver's seat, it is up to them how many tasks they want to give him. We have to wait and see, but by all accounts, it will be a lot."

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik will be Denmark's future King and Queen


Queen Margrethe II of DenmarkQueen Margrethe II of Denmark announced her abdication in her New Year's speechReuters

On Christian's 18th birthday, the Royal House released the following statement: "Prince Christian's main priority in the coming year will be the completion of the Prince's upper secondary education.

"It has thus been agreed with the Ministry of State that support in the Danish Parliament for a law on annual pension will only be sought when the prince turns 21 or by a possible change of the throne, if it takes place before.

"Only after this is the expectation that His Royal Highness will participate to a greater extent in official contexts.

"However, it depends on where the Prince is at this point in his education. Until then, just like today, Prince Christian will only participate in official contexts to a limited extent."

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