Princess Eugenie launches new podcast series as royal chats with former Prime Minister

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie launches podcast

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 18/10/2023

- 16:32

The Princess of York praised a former Prime Minister on her podcast today

Princess Eugenie interviewed former Prime Minister Theresa May on her podcast today, due to her advocacy work against modern slavery.

King Charles's niece visited May in the House of Commons for The Anti-Slavery Collective’s Floodlight podcast to mark Anti-Slavery Day.

The former Prime Minister sits on the advisory board of Eugenie's charity and has dedicated much of her political career to fighting slavery.

May launched a new Global Commission for Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking earlier this month.

Princess Eugenie and Theresa May

Princess Eugenie visited Theresa May in House of Commons


She warned the Princess of York that the majority of human traffickers are currently targeting displaced people from Ukraine.

May said: "It’s not just the political momentum has gone out, the problem’s got worse.

"And we saw in the conflict in Ukraine … the traffickers just picking people up."

Eugenie praised the former Tory leader for her long-standing work on the issue.

Princess Eugenie and Julia de Boinville

Princess Eugenie and Julia de Boinville launched Anti-Slavery Collective in 2017


She commented: “That is so cool that you were Prime Minister and this was your biggest thing.

"I just wanted to say that because that is awesome."

May introduced the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and previously said modern slavery was “appalling” and the “complete degradation of individuals and removal of their freedom”.

Eugenie launched The Anti-Slavery Collective with her co-founder Julia de Boinville in 2017.

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie runs an anti-slavery podcast


Theresa May

Theresa May issued Modern Slavery Act 2015


The former Tory leader added: "There are an awful lot of people who still think of human trafficking as being across borders.

"In a sense, the term human trafficking doesn’t really bring home the misery that people are subjected to.

"Most people think (slavery) finished here and across the world centuries ago but actually using that word really brings it home."

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