The Crown infuriates viewers just minutes into new series with 'terrible' scene

Princess Diana

The Crown infuriates viewers just minutes into new series with 'terrible' scene

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 16/11/2023

- 18:32

The popular royal series dropped on netflix today

The Crown infuriated viewers just minutes into the new series that dropped on Netflix today with a "terrible" scene.

The opening scene of the first episode, titled Persona Non-Grata (meaning an unacceptable or unwelcome person), showed a car driving into the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris, where Diana, Princess of Wales died in August 1997.

The phrase "Eight weeks earlier" then flashed onto the screen, showing Elizabeth Debicki and Rufus Kampa as Diana and Prince William driving in a car.

Royal fans were shocked that the streaming giant opened their sixth and final season of The Crown with the death of the late Princess of Wales.

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One fan posted on X: "Who the f*** gave you the right to start the first episode of the new season with her death?

"And then to go back to eight weeks earlier. I'm not ok."

Another added: "I do not like to watch #TheCrown as it is not truly fact. However, I watched the episode today regarding the death of Diana. I wish I had not.

"Took me back to the horrible tragic day which I will never forget and grieved so much."

The Crown

A dog walker reports Diana's death to the emergency services


A royal watcher wrote: "They literally had Diana's death happen within one minute of the new series #TheCrown and here's me thinking there would be a massive build-up to it."

During the scene, The Crown showed a dog walker in Paris who rang the emergency services after witnessing the car crash.

One watcher commented: "The dog walker being the opening for episode one... so weird."

"Not The Crown starting this new season with Diana’s death. Omg," another said.

The Crown

The Crown has an "Eight weeks earlier" label on the screen


Elizabeth Debicki and Rufus Kampa

Elizabeth Debicki and Rufus Kampa playing Diana and William


One social media user wrote: "Diana’s death on #TheCrown is honestly making me so sick. Such a terrible situation."

Finally, someone posted: "I’m watching #TheCrown and the fact it starts with Princess Diana’s death is so sad but I’m so excited to see where it all goes!"

The first four episodes of season six dropped on Netflix today.

The final episodes of the series will be released on the steaming giant in mid-December.

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