'Prince William would not allow it!' Prince Harry's hopes of 'building bridges' with Charlotte dashed by commentator

'Prince William would not allow it!' Prince Harry's hopes of 'building bridges' with Charlotte dashed by commentator

WATCH NOW: Helena Chard discusses Prince Harry's relationship with Prince William

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 02/05/2024

- 16:31

Prince Harry will return to the UK next week to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games

Prince Harry has been warned that William would "not allow" his brother to rebuild bridges with the Wales children, as Princess Charlotte celebrates her ninth birthday.

A new image was released by the Prince and Princess of Wales on social media to mark the occasion, ahead of Prince Harry's trip to the UK next week.

As the Duke prepares to fly solo for his Invictus Games church service on May 8, royal commentator Helena Chard has claimed that a reunion between Prince Harry and his nieces and nephews "will not happen".

In a discussion with Tom Harwood and Emily Carver on GB News, Chard said she doesn't think Prince William would "allow" Harry to "give Princess Charlotte a hug" following her ninth birthday.

Helena Chard, Prince William, Princess Charlotte

Helena Chard has claimed that Prince William would 'not allow' Harry to hug Princess Charlotte

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Detailing the Invictus Games event, Chard revealed: "I don't think he will meet Princess Charlotte, but he will meet King Charles. It's a fairly flying visit.

"Prince Harry is obviously coming over for the Invictus Games service of Thanksgiving. That's one of the things we can applaud him for, the sporting event. And he'll be doing a reading as well."

Discussing the dwindling relationship between the Duke of Sussex and the Wales family, Chard suggested that it "would be lovely" if they were to be reunited during his UK trip.

Chard told GB News: "Wouldn't it be lovely if Princess Charlotte could have a lovely hug from her uncle Harry? But it's not going to happen. There's no way that Prince William will allow that."

Princess Charlotte

A new image was released today to mark Princess Charlotte's ninth birthday


She added: "Especially at the moment, with Princess Catherine still undergoing treatment."


As the Royal Family's feud with Prince Harry remains unsolved, Chard urged Prince Harry to "mend bridges" with his family during his visit.

She said: "I do think Prince Harry has to mend a few bridges, he's got to do something to show a little bit of willingness. There's been a lot of hurt there.

"And understandably, King Charles wants to see his darling boy. It's easier to repair that relationship, but I do feel that Prince Harry has to give a little bit more."

Chard also suggested that it could be the "royal children" that help to mend the rift between the Sussexes and the Royal Family as they get older, as they will "become more curious" as to why they haven't seen certain family members.

Helena Chard

Helena Chard says Prince Harry needs to 'mend bridges' with the Royal Family

GB News

Chard told Tom and Emily: "As the children get older, they get more curious about their family - why haven't I met my cousins? Why haven't I met my uncle and his wife?

"And hopefully it will be the children that mend the relationship because obviously they all want to see each other."

She continued: "It will be really, really sad for that not to happen. In fact, it will sort of be like a damaged generation, if something doesn't work out.

"But hopefully King Charles will also give a little push."

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