Lip reader pinpoints exactly what Prince William said to Prince Louis as young royal pulled faces on balcony

Prince William, Princess Kate, Princess Charlotte and Price Louis on the balcony

A lip reader noted a conversation between Prince Louis and his father William ahead of the flypast of the Red Arrows

Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 07/05/2023

- 10:40

Updated: 07/05/2023

- 18:00

A lip reader has revealed what the royals said during the Coronation

As the monarch and his wife Queen Camilla were crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, a lip reader caught some of the interactions between the royals during the historic day.

Jacqui Press noted conversations between Prince Louis and his father William ahead of the flypast of the Red Arrows, the King and Queen chatting about the weather and Prince Harry discussing his plans following the Coronation.

During recent Buckingham Palace balcony appearances, Prince Louis has stole the show with his funny faces and cheeky behaviour.

According to Press, Louis said: "Lots of people waving," referring to the cheering crowds when travelling past.

Prince Louis yawning during the Coronation ceremony

Prince Louis has managed to steal to the show at several royal engagements 


The expert told the Daily Mail that a while later the young royal also said: "Yaaay King."

After taking their seats in Westminster Abbey, Press revealed what she thinks Prince Harry said to Princess Eugenie's husband, Jack Brooksbank.

She said the conversation appeared to be casual as they waited for the event to start, with Harry possibly discussing an event happening on Sunday.

To an unknown question from Brooksbank, Prince Harry said: "About quarter to 4?"

Brooksbank then replied: "Oh really, when?" to which the Duke responded: "I think tomorrow..."

During the service, Prince William shared a sweet exchange with his newly crowned father.

The Prince of Wales gave his father a kiss on the cheek, when King Charles simply said: "Thank you William."

Later in the day, the youngest Wales sibling stood next to his older sister Charlotte as they watched the flypast of the Red Arrows.

Louis was spotted waving to crowds and pulling funny faces, before saying: "What's those ‘copters?" His father William then told his youngest son: "Wave."

When the Red Arrows flew past, according to Press, William said to his children: "Look guys please."

The lip reader also said the King and Queen shared a conversation about the weather when they travelled in the Jubilee State Coach on the way to Westminster Abbey.

The King reportedly turned to Camilla and said: "Oh look at that," referring to the rainy weather.

Prince Harry waving during the King's Coronation

A lip reading expert claimed that Prince Harry was discussing his plans following the Coronation


He then pointed to the crowd and said: "Wonderful," followed by "marvellous," as he waved to fans.

Inside the carriage when Charles was waiting, Press then claims that the King said: "I’m worried about time, I mean it’s been longer this time and, well, erm, I mean look! I know."

It seems King Charles also became concerned about going too close to the edge of the balcony, as it is thought he said: "I don’t want to get too close... I might give myself a fright!"

He then said: "Be careful, come close," to his wife, Camilla.

When they bid the public farewell, Charles said: "Thank you everyone thank you for coming," while waving.

Queen Camilla said: "Bye! So lovely," before going inside.

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