Harry and Meghan desperate to spend Christmas in UK but haven't been invited - 'Royals can't trust them'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry and Meghan desperate to spend Christmas in UK but 'royals can't trust them'

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 19/11/2023

- 08:50

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex live in Montecito

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are desperate to spend Christmas in the UK, however, they haven't been invited as the "royals can't trust them", a source has claimed.

The last time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the festive period on the Sandringham Estate was in 2018, when they walked alongside Princess Kate and Prince William and were dubbed the "Fab Four".

Now that Harry and Meghan live in the United States and no longer have a property based in the UK, they are unwilling to return without royal security.

However, friends of the couple say they would now be happy to accept an invitation to spend Christmas at Sandringham, or a summer stay at Balmoral, as these would be protected royal properties.

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In the King's private home in Scotland, members of the Royal Family can come and go in privacy, therefore it would be perfect for the Sussexes.

A friend of Harry and Meghan told The Times: “I can’t imagine the Sussexes would decline an invitation to spend time with His Majesty.

"As of yet, there have not been any invitations for the holidays.”

Sources claim that King Charles is hesitant to invite the duke and duchess in case there are any leaks to the press.

Harry and Meghan

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would love a UK Christmas according to their friends


On the monarch's 75th birthday, Buckingham Palace refused to comment on a “private” call between the King and his son.

But soon after it happened, details emerged that Harry, 39, and Meghan, 42, had a “warm” conversation with Charles.

A source close to the King told The Times: “It frustrates him that personal issues intrude on the public duty.

"He’d much rather the focus was on his work, not the soap opera of the private life.

Prince William, Princess Kate, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Harry and Meghan last spent Christmas in the UK in 2018


"It is always frustrating when family dynamics overshadow the public role.”

After Tuesday’s private phone call was made public, a royal insider told The Telegraph: “The King and Queen worry that if stories about phone calls and private conversations make it into the public domain, they will be accused of leaking to the press, even if it’s obvious it didn’t come from them.

"They just think, ‘It’s in the public domain, and public domain equals bad.’

"Even if this had been the most positive story in the world from the King’s point of view, it would still have generated anxiety for him.”

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