Prince Harry's mad dash return to the UK 'screams of royal reconciliation'

Prince Harry's mad dash return to the UK 'screams of royal reconciliation'

Prince Harry's return 'screams of royal reconciliation'

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Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 06/02/2024

- 19:44

Prince Harry returned to the UK after the news broke that his father has been diagnosed with cancer

Royal Commentator Pandora Forsyth has said that The Duke of Sussex's return to the UK "screams of a royal reconciliation."

It comes after Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles had been diagnosed with "a form of cancer".

It was also revealed that King Charles had informed his youngest son of his cancer diagnosis during a private conversation before the news was made public.

A source close to the Duke of Sussex confirmed he had decided to return to the UK immediately following the news.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry returned to the UK to see his father


Speaking to GB News America Royal Commentator Pandora Forsyth: "The fact he's coming over seems to me quite serious, but he's come at such short notice and that to me screams of maybe a reconciliation going on. Well, we like to hope so."

However, GB News America presenter Nana Akua was not convinced. She said: "Where was he when you heard about the prostate diagnosis, that's the thing. Was that not severe enough?"

Forsyth explained: "Charles, when he did communicate that with him, must have said 'Don't worry about it, it's not needed now. But now I need you. You need to come over' and Harry has dropped everything.

King CharlesKing Charles was diagnosed with cancer GETTY

"He's left his children and Meghan behind to come on over and be there for his father and about time too."

Questions have also been raised about a possible reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry, as the Duke of Sussex returned to the UK this afternoon to be with their father following his health update.

Discussing the Prince of Wales and King's relationship, Pandora Forsyth told GBN America that they have an "extremely close" bond.

She added that Prince Harry's arrival in the UK shows the "seriousness" of the King's health condition.

Prince William, King Charles and Prince Harry.

The King notified both his sons about his health according to reports


Forsyth told GB News America host Nana Akua: "I think now William will be stepping up to the plate. He might have not been doing so many engagements, but now his calendar will be absolutely packed out.

"He and his father have had an extremely close relationship. Charles has been going to Windsor quite regularly on Sundays to go and see him to chat and do father and son things like they do.

"But I'm sure he's been kept in the loop minute by minute as well as the Queen about all of this."

She continued: "So he'll be doing absolutely everything, just like most fathers and sons would to really be there for him."

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