Prince Harry sparks panic over Coronation with fears he will fail to turn up

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has left officials fearing he may not attend the Coronation

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 01/05/2023

- 13:59

The Prince has been accused of 'making everyone sweat about his movements'

Prince Harry has left Coronation organisers worried he may pull out of the ceremony at the last minute, with the Royal Family still in the dark about his movements.

The Duke of Sussex has failed to provide details to officials about his plans for this week.

The King's youngest son confirmed his intentions to attend the Coronation last month - a week after the official RSVP deadline - but has failed to provide more information since then.

Officials are now said to be "sweating" about the appearance at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, with some believing he may never turn up.

King Charles

The Royal Family are still thought to be confident of the Duke's attendance


"While the Royals are confident that he will show up, others involved are not quite so convinced," a source said.

"The working assumption now is that, assuming he does come, it could mean arriving as late as very early Saturday by private jet and leaving by late afternoon the same day."

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the source added: "Harry seems to be adopting a High Noon approach, making everyone sweat about his movements."

Coronation organisers are thought to be eager to make this week go as smoothly as possible for the Duke of Sussex to avoid any more rows over his treatment.

But officials say they are still seeking confirmation on "when he is coming, where he is staying, when he is going back and whether he is happy with his seating position in the Abbey".

"He has not been responding other than in a ‘We acknow­ledge your email’ holding manner," the source added.

"It's like trying to communicate with Mars – it was easier to deal with Sinn Fein."

It was confirmed last week that the leader of the Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein, which was the political arm of the IRA, would be attending King Charles' anointment this week.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is thought to have given little indication of his plans for the week


The decision to give Michelle O'Neill a seat in the Abbey sparked anger among some Unionists and royalists, especially given who failed to receive an invitation.

Lady Pamela Hicks, who was a bridesmaid to the late Queen Elizabeth and served as a lady-in-waiting, failed to be included.

However, despite public backlash, her daughter, India Hicks, wrote on Instagram: "One of the King's personal secretaries was passing on a message from the King. They explained that this Coronation was to be very different to the Queen's.

"The King was sending his great love and apologies, he was offending many family and friends with the reduced list."

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